PHOTOS: Melissa Gorga Deletes and Reposts Clip After ‘Forgetting Filter,’ See the Before & After Pics as RHONJ Fans React

by Lindsay Cronin Comments

PHOTOS: RHONJ Fans React After Melissa Gorga Deletes and Reposts Clip After "[Forgetting] the Filter," See the Before & After Pics

Melissa Gorga deleted and reposted a video of herself complaining about her husband, Joe Gorga, who wasn’t answering her phone calls, on social media this week, seemingly because the initial clip shared was unfiltered.

After an Instagram fan page spotted the odd behavior from the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 44, noting that she “must have forgotten the filter,” commenters began weighing in on her “before and after” looks.

“[Melissa Gorga] posted the first video, deleted it and posted the second … She must have forgotten the filter,” All RHONJ Facts wrote in the caption of its February 10 post, which featured both of Melissa’s videos, seen back to back.

RHONJ Melissa Gorga Forgets to Use Filter in Clip

In the caption of Melissa’s first clip, the RHONJ cast member had written, “Me FaceTiming Joe after he didn’t pick up when I rang his phone twice 30 seconds ago.”

Then, with her second video, she similarly shared, “Me now FaceTiming Joe after he didn’t pick up the first two times I rang his phone 30 secs ago.”

Following the sharing of All RHONJ Facts‘ clips, several people reacted to the apparent mishap with “secondhand embarrassment,” admitting that the ordeal was “awkward” for Melissa.

“Def forgot the filter in the first one,” someone wrote.

“The first filter was glitching,” noted another.

Then, as many wondered what Joe may have been doing that caused him to miss his wife’s calls, others commented on Melissa’s unedited look, signaling to potential plastic surgery.

“Bad nose job and too much filler in the lips. She needs to stop,” one person stated.

“Did she do something to her nose again, or is it just a different filter?” asked someone else.

“So many nose jobs and they still don’t get it right,” complained another Instagram user.

One person even said that Melissa’s lips were “lop-sided.” Another said, “She’s becoming a caricature of herself.”

“Wtf did you do to your face?” someone else asked.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 14 will premiere on Bravo sometime this spring.