Vanderpump Rules Recap: Tom Sandoval Admits Suicidal Thoughts, and Faces Off With Scheana as She Calls Him a Narcissist, Plus He Lashes Out at Lisa, & Ariana Calls Schwartz a Lost Cause

by Julia Comments

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Sandoval and Scheana Face Off Amid Rift as She Calls Him a Narcissist, Plus Sandoval Lashes Out at Lisa and Talks Suicide, & Ariana Calls Schwartz a Lost Cause

Sandoval is clearly feeling the heat from the group, and he is finally admitting how much it is affecting him in this episode of Vanderpump Rules. Schwartz hatches a plan to get the gang back together, but not without Ariana pushing back once she hears Sandoval received an invite. Things aren’t so clear-cut with these friendships, but one thing is for sure… Ariana very well might be the “queen of the group.”

Even though James storms out in anger, Sandoval’s birthday party of randoms continues. The conversation with James has rocked Sandoval, so he pulls Schwartz aside to vent. Sandoval cannot believe that James feels betrayed by this affair when James pulled pretty much the same move… 10 years ago. This grudge feels like quite a stretch, and even Schwartz tells Sandoval he should have apologized to James. Schwartz tries to explain to Sandoval that he can’t get so defensive each time someone comes at him, but it’s basically like talking to a wall since Sandoval only worries about himself.

In the meantime, the ladies of VPR are busy emo-nighting. James and Ally roll up after attending Sandoval’s party (for 2.5 seconds), and James likens the party to playing chess. Scheana is baffled that James received an invite to Sandoval’s, yet she remains blocked by him!

James holds story time as he tells the crew that Sandoval tried to turn the tables on him by going back 10 years ago to his “affair” with Kristen. Ariana is aghast by this, but she is not too surprised he was so bold, considering he only hangs out with people that he pays and is used to people agreeing with him.

Ariana, Scheana, and Katie guest “DJ” emo night while Schwartz bids adieu to Sandoval to try and get there in time for the girls’ debut. Scheana invited Schwartz, after all, and he doesn’t want to let her down. Alas, he misses the performance because he took too long saying goodbye to Schwartz, for fear of shaking up their friendship. The reality is now he has p*ssed off Scheana for missing the whole thing, especially her emo version of “Good as Gold,” a dream for Scheana, considering she always wanted to be the next Fergie or Gwen Stefani. Lol.

Sandoval gets a sorry version of the Happy Birthday song as Billie Lee brings the cake over to him. He cries thinking about those who have stuck around, but he is especially upset because Raquel/Rachel did not even reach out to wish him a happy birthday. Sandoval claims that she is his best friend, and he loves and misses her.

The next day, Katie tentatively enters Ariana and Sandoval’s shared house in fear of bumping into him. Luckily, he is not around post-party, and so she gets an IV treatment with Ariana. They discuss the friendship between Katie and Scheana and worry that Scheana’s soft spots with people will continue to bring an energy that neither girl wants around.

LVP heads to Pump and looks around the empty shell of what it once was. She second-guesses the closing of this restaurant, but she realizes that nothing lasts forever. She then curses in surprise when Sandoval enters, bearing flowers. LVP tells him that the gentlemanly thing to do would be to get out of the house he shares with Ariana, but of course, Sandoval has a litany of reasons why he should stay.

Sandoval brings up Scheana and addresses the podcast that really rocked him. He feels like Scheana should take a day off from harassing him and Raquel/Rachel, citing the episode featuring Neema, Raquel/Rachel’s ex. According to Sandoval, Neema spoke about sexual things on Scheana’s podcast, including the false accusation that Sandoval and Ariana were in an open relationship. Apparently, this podcast truly rocked Raquel/Rachel, and Sandoval, of course, came in as her hero.

Sandoval goes on to tell LVP that the mob mentality is driving him mad. He drops a bombshell when he says he even battled suicidal thoughts and snaps at LVP, telling her not to tell him how he feels. LVP immediately jumps to action, as she knows suicide all too well since she lost her brother that way. She is upset because she made Sandoval promise her if he ever felt that way, he would come to her… and he didn’t. LVP begs Sandoval to be more sensitive and apologetic, and perhaps things could get better with some of the strained relationships among the group.

Katie and Scheana have decided to truly work on their friendship one on one. They sit down for some mocktails and chat about Katie’s upcoming date. Scheana then apologizes for inviting Schwartz to Emo Night and realizes that was an “old Scheana” move. Scheana discusses her self-realization about people in her inner circle.

Schwartz brings the pups over to Vanderpump Dogs for grooming and an LVP sesh. He talks about his brother’s cirrhosis, which has now made Schwartz rethink his alcohol consumption. Regarding Schwartz and Sandy’s, LVP doesn’t believe the punishment fits the crime. Schwartz and LVP can’t figure out why people can’t move on when Ariana has already. LVP talks about how she was frightened after hearing Sandoval’s suicidal thoughts, and she begs Schwartz to help “change the whole narrative.” LVP mentions a restaurant opening in Tahoe, and so Schwartz invites himself. Together, they come up with a plan to have everyone come — an olive branch of all olive branches.

It’s See You Next Tuesday, and while James spins, the crew hangs out… even Schwartz, who kinda invited himself. When Ariana arrives, Schwartz bounces before he can get iced out. He finds James and talks about the new spot in Tahoe that he found out about through LVP. He tells James he will be extending the invite for Tahoe to everyone in the group… including Sandoval, and James decides he will go.

Sandoval enters the lion’s den as he walks into SUR for the event. He has decided to take LVP’s advice and try to apologize. Everyone eyes Sandoval from afar, and Ariana refuses to have him in her circle. No one can believe he would come to support James after the chat they had the other day. This demonstrates just how delusional Sandoval is.

Sandoval talks about collateral damage with friendships, and this leads directly to Schwartz trying to mend the divide. While Sandoval makes up with SURvers, Schwartz tells the group about the upcoming Tahoe trip. No one can understand why he would invite Sandoval, and Ariana makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near Schwartz OR Sandoval.

Lala tries to explain that one day Sandoval will “devastate” Schwartz, and Ariana chimes in, essentially calling Schwartz a lost cause. She states, “I gave up [on Schwartz] a long time ago and my life is better for it.” Schwartz tells Ariana she is not the queen of the group, and her ego is not appreciated. She should not speak on behalf of the whole group, and TBH, it’s kind of funny that she makes this big to-do about not wanting to be around her ex… that she still lives with.

Scheana excuses herself to use the restroom and conveniently walks past Sandoval. When Sandoval asks to speak to Scheana, they meet in the SUR alley for old time’s sake. Scheana talks about not expecting to get blocked after reaching out after Sandoval friend’s death. Scheana reminds Sandoval that she has a heart, unlike Sandoval. Perhaps if he was honest and remorseful from the get, things would have been easier for Sandoval.

Sandoval tells Scheana that her podcast went too far, but Scheana makes it clear that Sandoval needs to humble himself. Everything he is doing is the definition of a narcissist. Right before Scheana walks away, Sandoval reports, “You should know that after that Neema interview, I really had to talk her [Raquel] down.” Scheana explains that she was just looking to put the truth out there… it’s not her fault that the truth was ugly. Sandoval questions if it’s Scheana’s business, and Scheana reminds him that none of this would have happened if he hadn’t slept with Raquel to begin with, leaving him speechless… for once.