Robyn Dixon ‘Likes’ Strange Post About How Husband’s Cheating “Saved” Marriage as RHOP Fans React, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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RHOP’s Robyn Dixon ‘Likes’ Strange Post about a Marriage Being “Saved” by The Husband’s “Cheating,” as Fans React

Robyn Dixon liked a strange post about a marriage being “saved” by a husband’s “cheating” – as fans reacted.

On the current season of the Real Housewives of Potomac, the cast questioned Robyn over her husband Juan Dixon’s story that he paid for a woman’s hotel room to help her out. Even her ally, Gizelle Bryant, called out the strangeness of the tale.

According to a screenshot from @tasteof_reality on Instagram, Robyn ‘liked’ a post about how a husband’s “cheating” saved the marriage.

“Wife and Mom of 4 Says Husband’s Cheating Saved Their Marriage,” read the PEOPLE headline. “‘Affairs Don’t Happen in a Vacuum.'”

“Liked by robyndixon10,” said the screenshot.

Fans then reacted in the comments.

“Bless her heart 😂 DeLuLu much?!” wrote one fan.

“I can see how some couples may choose to work through one cheating situation, communicate better, and uncover things … [but] not multiple times,” said another.

“This is the same woman who believes Juan travels to Baltimore to help a woman do laundry in the middle of the night,” wrote a third viewer.

“Robyn’s stunning yet has zero belief she can do better than Juan,” said a fourth, as another speculated, “Maybe it’s normal to her.”

“A part of me believes Robyn is the only one wanting the relationship to move forward,” said a different user. “No man who cheated on his wife and wanted to win her forgiveness would ever tell his wife to ‘just stop, drop it and move on.'”

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