RHOP Recap: Gizelle Crowns Nneka as the New Grande Dame in Shady Ceremony, Robyn and Karen Argue Over Room Assignment, and Wendy Refuses to Move on With Nneka

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RHOP Recap: Ashley Opens Up About Her Divorce; Nneka and Wendy Meet up to Discuss Their Issues; Plus, A New Grande Dame of Potomac is Crowned and Karen is Displeased

Is the Grande Dame getting replaced? First, it’s the room arrangements on the girls’ trip to the Dominican Republic, and then it’s the crowning of Nneka as the *new* Grande Dame by Gizelle. This episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac is all about opening up, trying to make up, and switching it up… even though some resist the changes that come with all of it.

The episode kicks off with some forced conversation between Mia and her husband, Gordon. Mia tells him how she called Karen an old dog, and Gordon ponders what Karen was referring to when she said trick to Mia. Conveniently, Mia left out the detail that Karen said she was screwing a rapper, but I guess what Gordon doesn’t know won’t hurt him… until this airs…

Ashley comes to visit Mia’s new place, forcing Gordon to go get ready for the kids’ field day that Mia won’t attend. Ashley reminds Mia that she used to live in the penthouse of this apartment with Michael, which opens up a conversation about her impending (or is it??) divorce. Mia prods Ashley for some info on the divorce and shares that Gordon admitted if they were ever to get divorced, they would figure out an arrangement.

Ashley explains that she is dragging her feet about the divorce mainly out of fear. She is a product of a single-mother household and can still vividly recall being evicted in the second grade. Ashley claims her goal is to get everything finalized by the end of the year and welcomes Robyn’s upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic. Hopefully, this trip won’t be as intense as Austin, especially since Ashley will be celebrating her birthday while on the trip.

Nneka meets up with Wendy to discuss their differences. Things start off… awkward. Nneka claims she wants to see what they can do to move forward, and Wendy states that she came to meet her only because she wants to clear her mother’s name.

Nneka begins to unravel how her cousin-in-law, Ivy, shared Wendy’s displeasure of Nneka joining the circle of friends. From that point, the tone was set because Nneka thought she had something against her. Wendy shuts her down and reminds Nneka that she called her mother a witch. According to Wendy, all of the women that Nneka believes to have said or done something against her deny all of the claims. Wendy wants to know what she ever did to Nneka, and Nneka reminds Wendy that her mother submitted her name to a shrine. Wendy of all people should know what that means and how that has impacted Nneka greatly.

Wendy continues to deny any of this and asks Nneka to apologize for calling her mom a witch. Nneka says she is sorry and even apologizes for calling Wendy a b*tch. Nneka tells Wendy that this has been “very disturbing,” but Wendy tells Nneka that she affected her children. Nneka was excited to be entering a group with another Nigerian, however, Wendy did everything in her power to try and scare her off. Wendy feels like everything Nneka is talking about is hearsay and third party, and she storms off, claiming that Nneka does not want peace. Nneka, alone at the table, calls Wendy a manipulator and cries to production, calling the whole situation ridiculous.

Candiace and her husband finally have a chance to sit down and talk — at least, that’s Chris’ point of view. He feels like Candiace is too busy for him, and she admits that their home life is currently mayhem. After realizing that Candiace also wants to spend time with him, Chris wonders if now is the time to defrost those IVF ice cubes. Candiace worries about how the hormones may accelerate whatever is in her boob. Her family history of breast cancer makes her nervous, however, she just got a letter explaining that there is nothing cancerous. Chris believes that she does not need to take care of anything, but Candiace is very upset.

In other news, Gizelle is sweating since her firstborn is getting ready to graduate. She talks about how proud she is of Grace and shares how blessed she is for being her mother.

Later, Mia, Robyn, and Nneka get together to shop for the DR. Mia believes that she is good with Karen cause she knows what she is doing with her. She realizes the energy she gets from her and wonders how Nneka and Wendy are, considering they are also beefing within the group. Nneka goes on to explain how she met up with Wendy, but the meeting was less than successful, so this trip may be rough.

As they head to the DR, Karen feels like she is in a “great place” with everyone in the group, so the trip should be pleasant. Robyn explains that she has extended the invite to Keiarna, and once they arrive, Robyn asks all the ladies to get pumped for the property and the one large villa. It turns out that Karen’s hubby stayed in that exact villa years ago… and a girl picked up the phone when she called to talk to him. Evidently, he told her that was the cleaning lady. Riiiight.

Robyn did good on this trip: private chef, private pool. Did Juan help pay for this villa like he pays for random strangers’ hotel rooms?? There are eight bedrooms, four are singles, and that means some have to share. Robyn lets Karen know that she will be in one of the double rooms, and Gizelle will have first pick. Karen is aghast listening to Robyn delegate rooms to the ladies. Nneka, being new to the group, will have a single room, and Ashley gets the last single since it’s her birthday. Robyn will obviously get the fourth single.

Karen is less than pleased about the room arrangements, and so she finds the concierge to try and get a single room with a view of the water. DIVA. Even after Ashley volunteers to give her room up, Karen refuses. She claims she is “claustrophobic” and that she doesn’t like being boxed in, but Gizelle knows the real reason is that she doesn’t want anyone to see what she looks like without her wig on.

Karen and Robyn exchange words as Karen mopes about yelling, “I ain’t listening to your raggedy a*s.” The rest of the group just looks on laughing, grateful they are not on Karen’s bad side. Ashley talks to Karen and learns that no money can buy Karen her own room: she is homeless. Ashley takes one for the team and offers to stay with Mia in the double room so Karen can bunk alone. Although nice of her, Ashley lets Karen know she owes her one…

The ladies get ready for resort nighttime golf, but by the way they are dressed, it seems like they are going to the club. Gizelle pops in to check on Keiarna since she was not feeling well earlier. Gizelle cannot believe that this girl’s “friends” have yet to check on her, but should she really be surprised?

While waiting for the other ladies, Gizelle shares with Robyn, Candiace, Mia, and Ashley that she is still annoyed with Karen for throwing shade on Nneka’s new house. Why would Karen say the house is in North Potomac? Nneka OWNS her house… she doesn’t rent one like Karen. Gizelle is ready to shake Karen a bit by crowning Nneka the “new Grande Dame of Potomac.” Gizelle, after all, was the one who gave Karen the title originally. Therefore, she is the one who can take it away.

Once the group gathers, Gizelle holds a special presentation. She outs Karen on the shade she threw in regards to Nneka’s home in Potomac, and so, Nneka gets crowned the new Grand Dame of Potomac. If looks could kill…Karen looks like she is gonna explode as Nneka gets a sash. The only other person as displeased as Karen is Candiace, who storms away from Gizelle, “the sinister imp,” during this stupidity.