PK Kemsley Explains Dorit Kemsley’s Absence From RHOBH Cast Pic at PCA and What’s “Difficult” in His Marriage to Her as He and Dorit Address Their Marriage Problems

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PK Kemsley Explains Dorit’s Absence From RHOBH Cast Pic at PCA as He and Dorit Address Their Mariage Problems & “Bone of Contention”

Credit: Instagram/Doritkemsley

Paul “PK” Kemsley revealed on Instagram that his wife Dorit Kemsley was absent from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast’s group pic at the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday because “she was in glam.” This came after fans took notice of her absence.

After Dorit, 47, was seen taking solo shots at the Santa Monica event, PK, 56, took to his social media account to explain why Dorit was missing from the cast photo, admitting her friends should have been “prioritized.” Plus, he and Dorit opened up about the difficulties of their relationship and shared why they faced challenges amid season 13.

“Dorit was a little late for the [People’s Choice Awards] … as a result she missed the cast photo … ‘she was in glam’ but I hope you will agree … it was worth the wait,” PK wrote on February 19, along with the cast’s pic and a solo shot of Dorit.

Following the sharing of PK’s post, he was met with a fan who said that Dorit showing up for her castmates was “more important” than glam.

“I would say it was more important to not let your colleagues down than [prioritize] glam,” they wrote.

“I agree such supportive friends should always be prioritized,” PK replied.

RHOBH Paul PK Kemsley Agrees Dorit Should Prioritize Friends After Late Arrival to PCAs

In other Dorit and PK news, the RHOBH couple recently appeared on Bravo’s Hot Mic podcast, where they opened up about the marital drama they faced during season 13.

After Dorit applauded PK as the “smartest” and the “funniest,” PK gushed over Dorit, who he described as “the most beautiful” and “a fantastic wife and a fantastic mother.”

He then said that “it’s difficult to get a word in” with Dorit and noted that he refuses to “walk 10 feet behind my wife.”

“It’s just not who I am,” he explained. “I’ll walk in front or I’ll walk by the side. The point is I’m not that person so I don’t feel that my voice is wanted or I’m needed, then I’m a guy that, ‘Okay, well, I won’t bother.’”

According to Dorit, PK is actually sensitive to being left out.

“It’s not going to paint him in a very nice light. It’s harmless, but it’s one of those things. It’s so true. PK does like to be, he doesn’t want to be in the shadows and it’s something that he’s actually got a real, I don’t want to say insecurity, but like a sensitivity about,” she revealed. “Even the fact of being on the show and it being called the Housewives, me saying that it’s my show, or him not being at level with me has been a bone of contention.”

However, according to PK, he’s gotten mixed emotions from Dorit in regard to how involved he should be on RHOBH.

“There’s such a major contradiction. So this season ‘You’ve not been around. You should’ve done this. You should’ve done this.’ Last season, ‘It’s the Housewives. You’re not needed.’ Which one is it?” he asked. “What do you want me around, not want me around?”

“I don’t think it’s that extreme but it’s not mine and PK’s show. Obviously, if I had it my way, it would be. I would love nothing more but I’m not saying that to one-up my husband. It just is what it is,” Dorit replied.

After then noting that it would be “amazing” if she and PK had their own show, Dorit confirmed “there is a lot of love between” her and PK.

“He’s my family. But he can also drive me up the wall and I want to kill him, and vice versa. But there’s nothing in our lives that we don’t do together,” she shared. “In fact, I should say, the reason why we had trouble in our marriage is because post-home invasion, I was dealing with a lot of stuff. I really wasn’t myself. I really didn’t want to go out all that much so we were spending less time together. He was traveling more.”

“PK and I are not good when we’re not together. We’re not good when we’re not doing everything together and involved in each other’s lives the way we’ve always been. It actually disconnects us,” she added.

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