PHOTO: Alexia Nepola Explains Why She Had a Bruise on Her Face at RHOM Finale as Fans React, See Her Post

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Alexia Nepola Reveals Why She Had a Bruise on Her Face at RHOM Reunion amid Fan Speculation, Says Wound Was Visible Even with “Makeup and Everything,” as Fans React

Credit: Instagram

Alexia Nepola revealed why she had a bruise on her face during the Real Housewives of Miami finale episode amid fan speculation, and said it was visible even with “makeup and everything.”

After the RHOM finale episode aired, fans noticed bruising around her jawline, on the left side of her face. Speculation about what caused it blew up on social media.

“I tried doing collagen stimulation threads (tiny ones) in the jowl area and she got a little vein,” said Alexia in an Instagram comment, shared by @Queensofbravo. “It caused swelling and bruising right away. It was really horrible.”

She claimed it was visible even with “makeup and everything.”

Image credit: @Alexiae_says/Instagram via @queensofbravo/Instagram

On Reddit, fans reacted to Alexia’s comment.

“Thanks for posting this! Good to read it’s nothing serious or sinister,” wrote one user.

“I’m pleasantly surprised she admitted to a procedure,” said another.

Alexia Nepola sported a bruise on her face during the RHOM Finale

“She probably knew it would either be admitting to that or people would start speculating in something worse,” a user added.

“Am I the only one that didn’t notice 😭 I was more wrapped up in Larsa’s clownery,” a fourth fan expressed.

“Should have pulled a heather and blamed Jen Shah,” said a different viewer.

The last comment alluded to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay’s claim that Jen Shah gave her a black eye – before Heather covered for her, suggesting a producer did it. Jen, who is now in prison after pleading guilty to fraud, denied she caused the injury.