RHOP Recap: Gizelle Blasts Wendy & Candiace for Making Faces as She Shares Fears About Daughter and Talks Pact With Jason, Plus Mia Claims She Had More Money Than Gordon When They Met

by Julia Comments

RHOP Recap: Gizelle Blasts Wendy & Candiace for Making Faces as She Shares Fears About Daughter and Talks Pact With Jason, Plus Mia Claims She Had More Money Than Gordon When They Met

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Potomac are in the Dominican Republic.  After Nneka gets crowned the new Grande Dame, things get awkward.  Luckily, a few revealing games, courtesy of Robyn, bring the group back. Leave it to sex talk to really bond the group.  But it’s Candiace and Wendy‘s faces during a serious conversation that rubs Gizelle the wrong way and seemingly divides the women…

If looks could kill.  Karen‘s eyes are burning through Nneka’s soul as she makes a speech thanking those that acknowledged her zip code.  As this unravels, Candiace storms off, refusing to be a part of the stupidity.  When Wendy goes to check on Candiace, she claims she walked away because she had to get her necklace. Karen reminds Nneka that “it’s lonely at the top” and refuses to admit that she is mad, but it’s obvious she’s seething.  In her confessional, Karen jokes, “this ain’t no crowning, it’s a clowning.” Touché, Karen.

The ladies drive over to night golf and they begin aiming for the lit up areas.  They are all pretty terrible (perhaps it’s the stilettos?) and Karen pulls Candiace aside to figure out why she walked away during the crowning.  Karen claims that titles don’t make you who you are, unless, according to Candiace, “your title is a raggedy b*tch.”

Mia prods Gizelle about being exclusive with Jason.  It’s a ‘ship, but there’s not more to it.  Speaking of Gizelle, Keiarna, the friend of, appreciates her so much, but is disappointed that Wendy and Candiace didn’t check up on her when she was feeling lousy.

Post night golfing, the ladies sit down for dinner. Gizelle thanks Karen for the advice she gave her regarding her daughter’s graduation and the discussion turns to Grace attending college in Florida.  Gizelle knows that the “governor is acting a fool” down there, but believes that if Grace sticks with her friends and stays on campus, she should be able to avoid any confrontation.  While most of the women nod along with Gizelle’s worries, Candiace and Wendy are busy making faces during the conversation.  We get it- you don’t like Gizelle, but this isn’t about her…it’s about her daughter, and her safety in Florida, “where black and brown people are killed without cause.”

Wendy admits that she wouldn’t send her sons to Florida because it’s scary, but Gizelle reminds the group how important it is to Grace to attend a hbcu.  Unfortunately, Grace has already encountered racism in Maryland.

Karen goes on to say that within this group, they have a lot to be thankful for, and of course Gizelle turns the mood down.  She reminds Karen that at Nneka’s house, she said that Mia was screwing a rapper.  Karen claims she is done turning the other cheek and is tired of the way the ladies always talk about her marriage.  She reminds Mia that she brought her into the group, which sounds like a way to assert dominance over Mia, if you ask me.

Mia wonders why Karen would disrespect her marriage when Karen doesn’t want anyone talking about her marriage. Karen is over talking sh*t about people behind their backs. And so a very calm Mia drops that she hasn’t shared all of Karen’s true story with everyone. Karen tells Mia not to threaten it, but Karen claims she has nothing to hide. When Karen suggest they just move on, it is clear that Mia must really know some things about Karen. Wendy feels like Mia is a liar, but no one knows the real truth.

It’s day 2 in the Dominican Republic and Mia is trying to figure out what she did to Karen that set her off. Gizelle believes that it goes back to Miami last year when Mia and Karen had a big argument. It feels like because Karen brought Mia into the group, she feels like she owes her and *that* makes Mia come into breakfast hot. She asks Karen if she can get her anything, since she is the queen.

After breakfast, they sit down to play “Answer the Damn Question” sex edition, a Robyn Dixon original game. We learn more about these ladies and their sexcapades, including how Wendy’s husband loves her “third brown eye.” Ashley shares that the last time she had sex was in January…and it wasn’t with Michael, it was a quick hit it and quit it moment. Robyn explains that Juan would like to watch her with another person and Mia gets asked point blank what is the name of the rapper she slept with.  Although Mia stays mum, she makes it clear that it wasn’t when she was married to Gordon.  Karen gets asked how many sexual partners she’s had in the past five years and she wonders if wet dreams count.

They pile into the Sprinter Van and are now beach bound. Over lunch, Ashley brings up her sex life again.  She reminds the group that she is still legally married and doesn’t feel like she should be discussing her extracurricular intimacies.  Mia asks if Ashley is avoiding divorce because of Michael’s financial support and then it gets asked to Mia, “Are you with Gordon for financial reasons?”

Mia reminds the group that when she met Gordon he was “broke as hell” and her inheritance was more than what he had. Inheritance, huh?  She states that there is a difference between cash and assets, but all the ladies are confused.

They all thought Mia was working at the strip club and that Gordon came in on high roller night.  He was “buying her” by paying $10,000 a night. Ashley gets the convo back on her and says she is working with a confidence coach to help her execute the divorce.  Ashley shares that she set some goals, as per the coach’s advice, and that she wants to get back into singing. After little prodding, she belts out her new hit, “Healing and Thriving” and even Candiace gives her some credit.  Gizelle reminds Ashley that she is a “bad b*tch” and Candiace gives Ashley a pep talk to let her know she is worth the journey that comes with divorce.

The group heads down to the beach and they learn that the recent Martha Stewart photo shoot was shot right there on the beach.  This, of course, inspires each of the women to pose as if they, too, are going t be in a magazine.  It’s cringey, but the only part worth a chuckle were the catch phrases that went with each “cover photo.”

Later, Robyn chats with Mia, Ashley, and Gizelle.  She points out the way Wendy and Candiace were smirking and looking at each other during the very raw conversation Gizelle was having about her daughter going to college in Florida. Gizelle does not appreciate that at all and when Wendy comes over to find out what they’re chatting about, things get tense…