Vanderpump Rules Recap: Tom Sandoval Apologizes to James, Scheana & Brock Clash Over Hiring a Nanny for Kid, and James Surprises Ally With Graham

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Sandoval Apologizes to James, Scheana & Brock Clash Over Hiring a Nanny for Kid and James Surprises Ally With Graham

The crew is Tahoe-bound on this episode of Vanderpump Rules. Unfortunately, a change in setting does little to change Sandoval taking responsibility for his actions. No one knows what will happen when they all stay under the same roof, but Schwartz is hopeful that perhaps the group may begin to heal, especially since Ariana and Katie have happily opted out of the trip. But, you know it’s a slow episode when Graham’s name change is the highlight…

Although James and Ally have *briefly* discussed getting a dog, no moves have been made… however, now that LVP has reunited James with Graham Cracker, it seems like the couple now have a dog. A dog that belonged to James’ ex, but a dog nonetheless. James is amped to be back with Graham, but Ally is shocked to have him in their house. James breezes through the part that Graham just needs some serious training (since it has been said that he’s a biter), and he doesn’t seem to realize that cats and dogs don’t always get along… that is until Graham meets their cat, Banks. Ally doesn’t see this situation as ideal, considering she can’t seem to shake Raquel/Rachel.

The patio at Katie and Ariana’s sandwich shop is a giant headache. There are violations in the building and things just seem to be moving in slow motion. The girls discuss the Tahoe trip, and Katie couldn’t care less that she will not be attending. She does point out that Schwartz is such a people pleaser, which is why he has invited everyone to attend.

Tom and Tom are shopping in a hatchet supply store, which is a sentence I never thought I’d have to write. They discuss Raquel switching her name back to Rachel, her birth name, and Sandoval pretends to act like he knew she was going to make that move. Now that Rachel is out of the treatment facility, Sandoval attempts to send her a text, and it shows her phone is back on. When he does not get a response from her, he JUST realizes that Rachel wants nothing to do with him.

Scheana is feeling anxious about leaving Summer… and sharing a house with Sandoval. She’s worried about making Ariana upset, but also really wants to go, but also refuses to leave her kid with anyone but her mom… which leads us to an awkward fight between Brock and Scheana in a bathing suit store. Brock doesn’t want Scheana’s mom around 24/7 for the rest of their lives, but he fails to realize that she is free childcare. Scheana makes a good point that hiring a nanny doesn’t happen overnight, and Brock calls Scheana paranoid. He believes it stems from her mother, which causes Scheana to storm out of the store and tell Brock to, “Stop talking. Jesus.”

As the group preps for Tahoe, LVP offers to throw Graham on her private jet, and suddenly this dog is living a better life than most humans. Ally wonders what Sandoval’s reaction will be when he sees Graham, considering he probably hung out with him more than we realize.

Over in Tahoe, LVP is busy posing with wolves… yes, real ones… to get the perfect shot for her new sexy and masculine restaurant, Wolf. Sandoval FaceTimes LVP to fill her in on the initial greeting and he shares the good energy that he’s been feeling from the group so far. She reminds him not to attack, and when Sandoval hangs up, he gets emo in the car with Schwartz. During his confessional, he forces some tears out while explaining how Scheana saying hi to him made him feel accepted.

Later, they all pile into the Tahoe house and pick rooms. As of now, “there’s an air of peace” (although Scheana and Brock are bickering constantly), and Schwartz is hopeful that they are truly going to bond on this trip. Brock gets stuck with Sandoval in the kitchen. Brock reminds Sandoval that he put everyone’s friendships in a weird spot, and he wants Sandoval to remember that he hurt a lot of people. According to Sandoval, “they’re failing to acknowledge” the way they all came after HIM, and he believes that “this is something we need to mutually move on with together.”

While outside on the deck, Sandoval tells the group that he has hired some guided meditation for tomorrow since it’s been helping him stay sober. At that moment, LVP enters with Graham in tow. James takes this time to announce he believes he will be changing Graham’s name to Hippie, an homage to his godfather George Michael’s dog. A new name means a new start.

Sandoval stays mum because he claims that the story James knows is not the whole thing. He lets Ally know that Graham/Hippie has attacked a couple of people, and they tried to find him a home. They discuss Raquel wanting to be called Rachel, and Ally retorts, “If Rachel can change her name, why can’t Graham?” LOL.

Meanwhile, back in Valley Village, Ariana is enjoying the silence. She is leaning toward Sandoval keeping the house, but that’s just it — he would be keeping the house solely. Ariana explains that she owns the majority of the furniture and wants to make a list of everything. There is even talk about reworking the Lego art of Ariana and Sandoval so it would just be Ariana. The level of petty… and I am loving it.

Before heading out in Tahoe, Brock apologizes to Scheana because he realizes that he should care more about Scheana’s feelings. That’s a real aha moment…!

The gang gets decked to check out LVP’s newest restaurant, which is still a construction site. She walks them through the renderings as she rocks her pink hard hat. LVP allows them to hit the wall and let out their pent-up anger. Naturally, Sandoval takes a few swings and yells out, “Scumbags and cheaters, worm with a mustache,” and even “Lala.” Yet, he doesn’t hit the wall for any of his actions.

Afterward, they go out to dinner… with Graham… and we get confirmation from Schwartz that, no, he is not dating Jo, and that, yes, he is single… and not ready to mingle. LVP then leads the charge and asks James what is something he likes about Sandoval. Things get really weird, really fast, and James feels put on the spot. Luckily, the conversation changes to what Sandoval is doing with the house. Sandoval shares that he hasn’t spoken to Ariana since the reunion.

Post dinner, the group heads to a bar, and Sandoval talks about the “wellness facilitator” for the next day. James points out that no one has thrown a drink in anyone’s face yet, and Sandoval asks James to take a walk with him.

Sandoval claims he just wants to coexist, and he states that when it went down he was “scared” to talk to James. He continues to say that he never meant to hurt anyone, and James wonders why Sandoval did not just end things with Ariana and then continue his thing with Rachel. He tells Sandoval that he just didn’t man up and leave the relationship. Sandoval doubles down and claims it wasn’t that easy.

James asks Sandoval if he thinks he is gonna be with Rachel and wonders if the affair was all worth it. Sandoval talks about how his life path needed to change (what a way to rock it), and James tells Sandoval that he thought he could trust him. Sandoval knows he messed up and actually apologizes after acknowledging James’ feelings. They show a montage of memories highlighting their relationship, and James reminds Sandoval that he was like a big brother to him. The betrayal put him over the edge, and James just hopes to take one step at a time.