PHOTO: RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein Photoshops Ex Lenny Out of Pic, Plus Why She Wants His Lawyer Disqualified Ahead of Trial, & Live Viewing Thread

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RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein Wants Ex Lenny Hochstein’s Lawyer Disqualified Ahead of Trial, Claims He Has 'Confidential' Information About Her

Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein recently photoshopped her ex Lenny Hochstein out of a picture she posted on Instagram.

Lisa posted a series of pictures to the platform to celebrate her mother’s birthday. However, fans quickly noticed that picture number seven was poorly edited to remove Lenny. His shoes were still present in the edited photo. 

Lisa responded to fans’ comments on Instagram and confirmed that she did edit the picture and that she had her reasons for not just cropping him out. 

RHOM star Lisa Hochstein photoshops ex Lenny Hochstein out of photo with her mom

The RHOM star said, “I didn’t want to distort the picture. Visually, it looks better that we’re centered.”

Fans found the editing choice amusing, and some even compared him to the Wicked Witch since only his shoes were left in the picture. 

In more Lisa Hochstein news, it seems that the divorce between her and Lenny is neverending as both parties continue to fire back at one another. Now, the RHOM star has another legal tactic up her sleeve as she is asking a Miami court to disqualify her ex’s attorney. This comes ahead of the two heading to trial.

As fans will recall, Lenny filed for divorce from Lisa in May 2022. They got married in 2009 and have two kids together. Both have moved on to other romantic partners, but they failed to settle the divorce due to Lisa wanting the prenuptial agreement thrown out.

According to Radar Online, the RHOM star wants the court to require her husband to find a new lawyer. This may sound odd, but apparently, her reasoning is that she feels the lawyer, Lorne E. Berkeley, has confidential information about her. Of course, the nature of the alleged information is unknown.

Besides the divorce, the two have major drama going on. For one, Lenny filed a lawsuit against Lisa, claiming that she defamed him by saying he was physically abusive to her. He denies the allegations. Lisa then denied the defamation claims and asked for the lawsuit to be thrown out.

Lenny has also accused the RHOM star of “virtually emptying” the mansion they once shared. According to him, she was supposed to take enough furniture and artwork to get her new condo set up, but she took far more than necessary.

According to his lawyer, “Wife not only removed furnishings such as beds, dressers, tables, and chairs, but also removed everyday household items including kitchenware, cookware, and utensils and even pillows, blankets and bedsheets and duvets and comforters, along with pictures, picture frames, and even trash cans.”

Lenny has also asked the courts to set a trial date for the divorce proceedings.

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