RHOM: Lenny Hochstein Accuses Ex Lisa Hochstein of Stealing Artwork, and Plans to Depose Her Amid Messy Divorce, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Did RHOM's Lisa Hochstein Steal Valuable Art Work From Estranged Husband Lenny to Furnish Luxury Condo? He Seems to Think So

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Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has been in the news quite a bit for her separation from Dr. Lenny Hochstein.

Not only did she recently reveal that Lenny and her new boyfriend split the cost of her luxurious Miami condo, but she has also alleged that he has been abusive toward her. Additionally, Lisa, Lenny, and the new boyfriend recently came to blows in the comments of an Instagram post. Now, Lenny is alleging that Lisa stole property from him to furnish her new condo. 

This all comes while the two are still legally married. However, they have both moved on, and Lenny is even engaged to a woman in her late 20s. 

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Lenny is demanding that Lisa return valuable artwork that he alleges she stole from the $10 million Miami mansion they shared. According to the divorce filing the publication obtained, Lenny claims that Lisa “brazenly, reprehensibly, and shockingly” stole “an unreasonable volume of artwork.”

According to the Miami plastic surgeon, the two agreed that the RHOM star would “be allowed to reasonably select and retain furnishings and/or artwork that will be utilized to furnish her new residence.” However, most of the property was supposed to remain in the custody of Lenny. 

He goes on to allege that the items she stole were far more than what she needed to furnish the condo, which costs $32,000 per month. 

According to the filing, “Husband maintains that Wife deliberately removed furnishings, artwork, and other items, valued in excess of $200,000.00, in a malicious and vengeful manner which forced Husband to expend substantial sums to acquire and purchase replacement furnishings, artwork, housewares, and kitchenware.”

He also says that Lisa, “removed artwork which was special.” He added that she “left art pieces behind which she did procure but are not valuable enough to garner her interest.”

He is also challenging her request to be paid for the cost of moving as her condo is only 1.6 miles away from the mansion they once shared. Lisa demanded $10,000 for the short move. 

In more Lisa and Lenny news, Radar Online is also reporting that Lenny is demanding Lisa sit for a deposition with his attorneys on Thursday, January 24, at 10 a.m.

Lenny’s deposition request reportedly came about after Lisa denied his claims that she “virtually emptied” their mansion.

“The deposition is being conducted for the purpose of discovery as to the issues which are presented to the Court in this Family Division matter,” states the filing.

Something tells us this isn’t the last we’ll hear from this divorce.  

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