RHOBH Reunion Recap: Sutton Calls Kyle Reckless for Drinking Comment as Kyle Slams Sutton’s Entitlement to Know About Marital Trouble, Garcelle Questions Dorit’s Robbery Details, Plus Kathy Preps for Her Cameo & Shares Info About Kyle and Mo

by Julia Comments

RHOBH Reunion Recap: Kyle Slams Sutton’s Entitlement to Know About Marital Trouble, as Sutton Calls Her Reckless for Drinking Comment and Garcelle Questions Dorit’s Robbery Details, Plus Kathy Preps for Her Cameo & Shares Info About Kyle and Mo

It’s part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, and if you feel like Kyle and Sutton are just going in circles, you are not alone. Kyle’s insinuations about Sutton’s eating disorder and drinking get highlighted, and Sutton is not letting Kyle off the hook. Plus, Dorit’s style isn’t the only thing that has changed this season — her relationship with PK has been rocky throughout. And although Erika tried her hardest to keep her cool, all it took was one blast from the past to set her off.

Kyle’s new lifestyle has distanced her from many of her friends, especially Dorit. Kyle truly believes that Dorit cares more about the audience and what they think about her than about her friendship with Kyle. Dorit scoffs at this, and Garcelle points out that Dorit rarely apologizes for her behavior.

Kyle is loving her sobriety, and even Dorit feels like although Morgan may play a role in all of it, she hasn’t influenced Kyle to stop drinking. The ladies say that they only joked with Kyle about staying sober because she never had a drinking problem, and Kyle claims she was never reckless.

Sutton disagrees with that statement and lets Kyle know that she was reckless because she said Sutton had an eating disorder and a drinking problem. Kyle is VERY careful with her words, and although she never said it outright, the insinuations were enough to have people question Sutton. Sutton accuses Kyle of being smart enough not to outright make the accusations but instead plant ‘seedlings’ about it, essentially calling Kyle Bobby Fischer a master manipulator.

Kyle gets picked apart because she said she had a “hard year,” but she didn’t say she was struggling with Mo. Kyle wonders why Sutton should be so entitled to know every little thing about her marriage, and she goes on to remind the group that she has been on the show for 13 years. “Don’t talk to me about not sharing what’s going on in my life. You bought a horse this season and you have a dating coach. Give me a break.” Kyle is aghast that she is expected to spill everything that happens in her marriage, and she feels like Sutton came into the season just to come after Kyle. She believes Sutton didn’t have much going on, so she decided to focus on Kyle.

Dorit adds that she doesn’t *think* Sutton has a drinking problem, and to that, Sutton retorts that she doesn’t know how many carcasses Dorit leaves on the ground after a night of boozing.

Andy moves on to the weed dinner, particularly Denise at the weed dinner. A few of the women feel like Denise was taking out her frustrations with previous cast members (Fox Force Five) on Erika, and Dorit didn’t realize that Denise thought she was simply being a mean girl when she tried to fix Denise’s upside-down-backward-sideways coat.

Andy points out Dorit’s style transformation. Could it be that PK put Dorit on a budget? As Dorit talks about her difficult last two years, Andy hides a yawn (third year in a row). Can we all agree that we are yawning during this segment, too? It is pointed out that at the start of the season, Dorit was recovering from yet another robbery in Marshalls (gasp!). According to the store’s footage, there were three men following and targeting her, thus seizing upon the opportunity to take her bag that was packed full of cash.

Regarding Dorit’s home invasion, Garcelle believes that Dorit was robbed, but there were a few things that were a little off. Dorit does not appreciate Garcelle intimating that it wasn’t real when Garcelle points out how strange it was that a robber would leave her phone at the gate. Usually, bad guys wouldn’t do something kind like that…. Garcelle’s narrative is her opinion, and Dorit feels like Garcelle couldn’t care less, although Garcelle apologizes (mainly to shut Dorit up, I assume).

“The streets” told Sutton that PK had another woman in the car when he got pulled over for his DUI. No one else has heard this rumor, and Sutton states she got a “spanking from PK” for it. However, after an apology, Sutton says that she feels like vodka in her coffee is a more mean-spirited comment. She ain’t wrong…

PK’s traveling was a major issue for Dorit, and after the season wrapped, their relationship got worse. Dorit explains that things now are “better than ever.” PK was drinking a lot, and he has now been sober for 49 days.  This has been a pivotal move in their marriage, and it leaves me wondering if Dorit is left picking up the carcasses alone.

Dorit felt hurt that although she opened up to Kyle about marital troubles, Kyle didn’t share her woes with her.  Kyle retorts, “I thought we were close enough that you would call me rather than wait until there was a camera in my car to ask me.” Kyle talks about how she has been married her entire adult life and was trying to be brave for her daughters.

Everybody loves a comeback. Erika’s Vegas residency was a hit, even after Sutton claimed the tickets only cost $7 (it was a joke!). Erika almost made it through her 40-day Lenten promise of not fighting with the group until Denise confronted her. According to Erika, Denise asked for it.

When asked about Tom’s alleged victims, Erika explains that she couldn’t say anything, nor could she respond the way others thought she should. Erika had the meeting with some of the victims, but she doesn’t further explain why she sat down with them.

The trial is about to happen, and Tom has been ruled competent to stand trial, although he was just diagnosed with dementia. Crystal is surprised to hear that Tom is able to, and Erika realizes that Crystal smells something fishy about this. Crystal isn’t sure if Tom is lying about his dementia, but she is surprised because four years later (after seeing the way he was), he should be way worse health-wise and certainly not able to stand trial.

Kathy Hilton is prepping to grace the group, and she has LOOSE lips during glam. According to Kathy, “Maurice” and Kyle are going in two different directions. Kyle didn’t decide this in three months… in Kathy’s opinion, “she had been thinking this probably in the last three to four years.”

Sutton gets the spotlight next, and she is forced to address the Magic Mike show. Sutton explains that she didn’t know it was like a Broadway show and admits to overreacting about the simulation of sex. She still believes that the elevator moment was staged by Erika to humiliate her in front of the dancers the next day, and she explains that she was having a rough 24 hours. Her ex told her that day that he was moving to London, and so was her son, and Sutton would, too. Sutton talks about the courage she asserted when she told him she was not going to London with him. Imagine how scary it must’ve been to say no to the man who shells out $300,000 a month for alimony?!

Sutton lets Kyle know that when she said, “all she has is cashmere and a horse,” that really hurt her feelings. Kyle doubles down and shares that she said that because Sutton said things about her. Mature. Kyle goes back to the way Sutton treated her at the weed dinner, prying info out of her about her marriage.

Sutton has had enough. Kyle implying that she has a drinking problem, she is anorexic, and she takes pills is dangerous. Kyle needs to understand her responsibility in the insinuation. Sutton feels like Kyle has been relentlessly mean to her, and when Kyle questions her, Sutton states, “As Denise would say, watch the show.” Boom.