RHOP Recap: Candiace Accuses Robyn of Leaking Text to Press & Calls Her a Hypocrite as Charrisse Lashes Out, Plus Mia and Jacqueline Come Face to Face for the First Time After Fallout

by Julia Comments

RHOP Recap: Candiace Calls Robyn a Hypocrite & Accuses Her of Leaking Text to Press as Charrisse Lashes Out, Plus Mia and Jacqueline Come Face to Face for the First Time After Fallout

In case you missed The Real Housewives of Potomac because you were watching the Oscars, we’ve got you covered. Gizelle tries to be brave as she drops her daughter off to college, and Charrisse hosts her annual crab boil. A surprise guest is invited to try and fix a friendship with Mia, but it’s Charrisse who loses her cool while trying to mend issues amongst the group.

Candiace has decided to hit up Keiarna’s med spa. While she lasers her “kitty kat,” Wendy is there for support. Once she sees how painless it is, Wendy jumps in on the action and gets her armpits lasered. As she does this, Wendy talks about her talk show that has yet to get off the ground. It’s a lot to worry about, considering she doesn’t even know who she can get as a guest!

After the treatments, Candiace tells Keiarna how proud she was of her on the trip, but Keiarna makes it clear she didn’t appreciate the lack of support from Wendy and Candiace when she was not feeling well. Keiarna also points out that she got to see the connections with the women from her own perspective. And she feels like Candiace truly loves Robyn. Candiace scoffs at this, pointing out that when Robyn chooses words like “defamation,” things may never get better between them.

Candiace shares that she is privy to a lot of things that Robyn has said that are definitely considered defamation, but she is not ready to share the information with the group… yet. However, when she is ready, she is ready to fight.

Gizelle talks about raising her daughters as a single mother and cannot believe that the day has come to drop Grace off at college. Grace acknowledges that Gizelle raising her has shown her that she can do anything. Gizelle is in absolute denial about leaving her daughter in Florida, but she asks that Grace walk into her new chapter with “pride, joy, and peace.”

Robyn is hosting Charrisse and Ashley. They recap the trip for Charrisse, including the part about Karen‘s new “trainer.” Charrisse tells the ladies that she has decided to have her crab boil and plans on inviting everyone, including Jacqueline… just to stir some sh*t up with Mia, I mean to try and help reconcile their friendship.  It might look like a betrayal, but Charrisse feels like Mia and Jacqueline need to resolve their issues.

Nneka preps for the crab boil and chats with her husband about counting follicles for her IUI. If it looks good, they can inseminate. Although they might get some pushback from the Nigerian culture, Nneka is all about getting a little bit of help to move the process along.

Gizelle pays a visit to Karen’s before the crab boil. She is grateful for Karen because she has been super supportive and helpful for Gizelle. Karen has been through dropping *her* daughter off to college, so Gizelle relies on her for some sage advice. Gizelle shares that although Grace has been calling her, she is still struggling that a piece of her is missing.

Gizelle switches subjects to Charrisse’s crab boil and really tries to get Karen to come. Karen claims that Ray is allergic to crabs, so she will have to pass… even though video footage proves both she AND Ray were there years before. Perhaps it’s a newly acquired allergy? It happens… Gizelle tries to lure Karen in by letting her know Jacqueline will be the surprise guest, and although Karen is intrigued, she still isn’t gonna go. She also can’t retract the whole allergic lie now, so there’s that.

The weather is less than lovely for the crab boil, but nonetheless, the ladies are coming… well, everyone except “the grand scam” Karen and Wendy. Robyn dances around Candiace until more guests arrive, avoiding her at all costs. Everyone seems pretty happy to see Jacqueline, and she shares that she has felt very excluded because of Mia. Jacqueline has no problem throwing shade at Mia from the get, even before Mia arrives, so things should go smoothly… not.

When Nneka enters with her new Grande Dame crown and sash on, Candiace can hardly control her face. Jacqueline explains that she is not holding anger or evilness because of Mia, but when Mia enters, things get awkward. Mia claims to have never gotten upset that the girls are still friendly with Jacqueline after the fallout, and she explains that there are things that need to be talked about that don’t involve anyone else.

Charrisse decides Jacqueline and Mia MUST talk immediately, and she brings them to the “champagne room” to talk while the rest of the group complains about the subpar crabs. Mia explains that she was going through a lot, and Jacqueline claims that Mia did things behind her back. Jacqueline states that she didn’t really mean she needed more sex in her marriage, and Mia explains that Jacqueline has been a main concern in her therapy sessions. Mia still holds resentment toward Jacqueline because of the situation she left Mia in. Mia wonders if she is simply angry because they kept it a secret, but Jacqueline comes clean that she only found out about it two years later. All wounds do heal and after a bit, the ladies seem in a good place, but Jacqueline denies a hug from Mia.

Meanwhile, at the table, Charrisse points out that Candiace and Robyn have been avoiding each other.  Now appears to be the moment that Candiace unleashes that hinted at information she mentioned earlier in the show. Evidently, Robyn shared private text messages with a blogger and podcaster that made Candiace look two-faced. Candiace tells Robyn that she “led the charge” and is a hypocrite. Robyn admits that she sent that text only to explain what happened in their friendship, so she is confused as to why Candiace is so angry by this. According to Charrisse, Candiace allowed social media to take precedence over their friendship and that was the demise of it.

As the ladies go back and forth, Charrisse gets so heated over the fighting that she screams and yells, pounding the table… yet she is the one who pushed Candiace and Robyn to confront their issues.  Just cuz it isn’t going the way you want it to, Charrisse, doesn’t mean you have to throw a fit.

Candiace runs off, and the cry-angle makes an appearance as she dabs her tears away. She apologizes to Charrisse for yelling in her house, but she claims she has to leave. Charrisse takes a minute to calm down and explains to the group that she got into her feelings… or she was drunk (as many of the ladies there assume)? Candiace bids adieu to “everyone that matters.” At least there was positive growth for Mia and Jacqueline’s friendship… kinda.