Vanderpump Rules Recap: Lala Feuds With Katie and Confronts Ariana for Not Defending Scheana Against Backlash as Katie and Lala Hint at Rumors About Jax, Plus Lisa Shares What Raquel Told Her

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Lala Feuds With Katie and Confronts Ariana for Not Defending Scheana Against Backlash as Katie and Lala Hint at Rumors About Jax, Plus Lisa Shares What Raquel Told Her

This episode of Vanderpump Rules focuses on relationships… well, more like what would happen to relationships if the group begins to let Sandoval back in. Scheana is feeling Ariana‘s pressure to avoid and stay mad at Sandoval, and James has started to rekindle his friendship with Sandoval. Looks like Sandoval is really starting to worm his way back into the group, much to Ariana’s dismay. I guess they don’t call him a worm with a mustache for no reason…

Sandoval enters after the Tahoe trip and shares with his assistant (one of the few who will talk to him) how things went down with the group. Ariana is less than thrilled to have Sandoval back under the same roof as her — a choice she made, but I digress. Sandoval feels like he has gotten some resolution within his group of ex-friends and is feeling optimistic, so much so that he’s off to journal his feelings.

Scheana heads over to LVP’s and shares about the most “emotionally draining” day in Tahoe. She explains to LVP that she is going through phases of grief with Sandoval. Scheana expresses that she cannot tell Ariana how she feels and is afraid to say she is having difficulty navigating this.

LVP wonders if Ariana is so hard to approach because she is currently in a whirlwind of attention, and Scheana seems to agree. Ariana getting on Dancing with the Stars seems to be the final straw for Scheana because SHE wanted to be on the show more than anything. Scheana grits her teeth and *says* she is happy for Ariana, but she throws some serious shade when she says Ariana has come a long way from being her backup dancer. Scheana feels like Ariana just shuts her down, but LVP is ready for Scheana to say what she is thinking for once.

Lala and Ariana have a coffee date. Lala lets Ariana know that the trip was “weird,” and Scheana is a shell of a person nowadays as she tries to figure out where she stands with Sandoval. Speaking of Sandoval, Lala wonders why Ariana did not come to Scheana’s defense for the picture posted on social media. In the picture, Scheana stands next to Sandoval, prompting online hate from many. Lala suggests Ariana make a post to back Scheana up, considering Scheana has been an amazing friend to her.

Ariana makes it clear that she loves Scheana, but she is not about to jump on the “Sandoval sympathy train.” Ariana is standing firm that if someone wants to befriend Sandoval, then they will be out of her life. According to Ariana, Sandoval knows that Scheana is the easiest one to come around to him, and from there, he can weasel his way back into the group.

While out for some girl time, Scheana talks about Summer breaking her arm, which is quite ironic considering Scheana won’t allow anyone to watch her kid… but isn’t that how it always goes? Injuries happen right in front of us parents…

Scheana explains how Sandoval had real tears during the meditation session in Tahoe, and she says how she feels like she is still going through a grieving process with him five months later. Scheana is adamant that she really does miss Sandoval and doesn’t forget that he was the only person in the group to welcome her 12 years ago. Katie is not having it, though. She tries to deny Scheana’s feelings and doesn’t understand why Scheana cannot simply just cut ties with Sandoval. Katie is ready to jump with all of this Sandoval talk. According to her, he interfered in her marriage, he’s a “trashbag of a human,” and he is a demon.

Side note: Don’t think I am not talking about that little bit mentioned “randomly” about Jax being around town with ladies… sounds like a plug for the upcoming Valley show next week…

Over at TomTom, LVP has a meeting with Sandoval. Sandoval is shocked to see LVP making all of these changes to TomTom without consulting him, but LVP states, “I don’t think we would ever consult a 2.5% partner.” LOL.

LVP is happy to see that Sandoval has turned a corner, but now he shares his concerns about Rachel. He wants some sort of relationship with her, and LVP lets him know that she spoke to Rachel at length. According to LVP, Rachel didn’t seem very happy with Sandoval because she was uncomfortable lying, as per Sandoval’s direction. When LVP hears that Rachel blocked Sandoval, it is clear that it’s over… especially considering Rachel told LVP she didn’t love him anymore. It’s interesting to see Sandoval rocking his lightning bolt earring during this convo about Rachel…

Lala has LVP at her Give Them Lala offices and discusses a rebrand. She talks about how much she loves being a mother, and she lets LVP know that she wants a sperm donor to expand her family. Lala wants this baby to be just HERS, so she doesn’t have to worry about sharing ever again.

In other news, Lala calls the Tahoe trip “emotionally depleting,” and she pretends to be the wise old sage when she tells LVP how happy she is that Ariana took her advice and defended Scheana publicly on socials.

Schwartz and Jo roll up to James’ DJ gig. They plop down by Ally, who is clearly uncomfortable being around a girl she was told to dislike. They break down Tahoe, and James wonders if the “band” is back now that the three dudes are getting along again. Schwartz brings up a Rat Pack steakhouse night with the “band,” and just then, Sandoval surprises them at the bar. Sandoval tries to buy James’ friendship by offering up his sunglasses, and James is eating it up, much to Ally’s dismay.

Schwartz makes it clear that he wasn’t in a formal relationship with Jo, but he thinks she is a “great cup of tea.” Isn’t she a hairdresser? Why does she look like she hasn’t brushed her hair ever? Schwartz thinks it’s more platonic these days, even though they have slept together in the past.

Ally hosts the girls for an astrology night while the guys are at the steakhouse. Sandoval is giving me secondhand embarrassment in his tux, and Brock looks like a Pirate of the Caribbean with his ruffled blouse. Sandoval shares with the dudes that LVP talked to Rachel, and James lets Sandoval know that he shouldn’t feel weird talking about Rachel in front of him. Sandoval explains that it has been 15 years since he has been single, and he claims he doesn’t want another relationship, but would rather just have “female energy.”

In the meantime, Ally begins reading the ladies and lets Ariana know that her sign points to luck. Scheana’s chart shows that she has to fill her cup before she fills others. When asked about her situation, Ariana explains that she is dealing with everything legally. The week before sh*t hit the fan, Ariana shares that she wasn’t in a great place financially. Ariana explains that Sandoval created the situation, and now she is forced to move on as financially responsibly as she can.

Ariana wonders why James would choose to hang out with Sandoval. Lala points out that things do get better with time, and she reminds Ariana that it is harder for her since she is directly affected by it. Ariana repeats that she “doesn’t f*ck with” people who let Sandoval back in their lives, and Lala wonders if Scheana chooses to hang with Sandoval, will Ariana stop being friends with her?

Ariana appears to be getting very heated, and as Lala tries to liken her situation to Ariana’s, Katie is tired of how she applies her situation to every situation. She tells Lala to “say it with your whole chest” as Katie and Lala go toes. Lala tries to explain that she understands what it is like to deal with a lousy ex, and she is trying to show Ariana that harboring resentment will eat her alive. Katie thinks Lala just wants to be bigger and better, but Lala doesn’t want to be in defense mode. Lala tells Katie she is a “bit much all the f*cking time,” and Ally, ever the peacemaker, tries to let the group know that they can all get along if they simply understand their birth charts. Right. Lala apologizes because she didn’t want to make it about her, but Katie is annoyed, which means she will be holding a grudge until 2032.