VIDEO: Tom Sandoval’s Name is Banned at Ariana Madix’s Show on Broadway as Vanderpump Rules Fans React

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
VIDEO: Broadway Security Asks Ariana Madix's Fans "Not to Mention" Tom Sandoval During Vanderpump Rules Star's Performance in Chicago as Fans React

Credit: Vince Valitutti/PEACOCK/ITV, Bravo

Ariana Madix doesn’t have to worry about Tom Sandoval‘s name being brought up during her ongoing run in Broadway’s Chicago — at least as long as guests abide by the rules of the venue where the musical is playing.

During a recently shared video online, a security guard at the Ambassador Theatre is seen making an announcement to attendees ahead of a show, requesting that they refrain from mentioning the Vanderpump Rules star’s former boyfriend during her performance.

“Y’all are fans of Ariana right?” the security guard asked in a video shared by Vanderpump Rules Party on Instagram. “Please do not mention her ex at all. He’s irrelevant. Thank you.”

Following the sharing of the video, fans of the Pump Rules page had mixed reactions, with some applauding the theatre for having “boundaries” and others feeling that the idea of banning Sandoval’s name was “ridiculous.”

“Good! She’s working hard and doesn’t need to hear about him every single second,” one person said.

“Yeah, we should all stop talking about him now. Stop giving him attention. Seriously,” another agreed.

“That’s awesome,” said a third. “Who wants to hear about their loser ex all of the time? Ugh.”

Someone else said, “This is a good boundary and I support it.”

Meanwhile, another Instagram user disagreed with the stance, saying, “That’s ridiculous.”

“Lmfao she’s not Mariah Carey. Stoppppppp,” begged another fan.

“No sorry but she got a lot of [money] for being on a reality show that is part of it-suck it up buttercup,” wrote someone else.

As Pump Rules fans well know, Ariana has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with Sandoval following his months-long affair with Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, 29, even if that means cutting ties with certain people. And for some, the fact that she’s dug her heels in so deeply has been off-putting.

Last month, during an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Ariana opened up about her potential fall from grace.

“It gives me tall poppy syndrome a bit. The tallest poppy has to get cut down. There’s a lot of eyes on me, so it’s like, ‘Let’s cut this girl down to size,’” she explained. “I feel like I’m working, living and being pretty f*cking quiet about everything while also putting my life back together and trying to find a way to set myself up for a decent life as a middle-aged woman who now has to take everything on herself.”

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