Raquel Leviss is Called Out by Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Designer Who Denies Dog Graham Was “Aggressive,” Addresses “Storyline” Claim & Shares New Details of Getting Dog to James

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Raquel Leviss is Called Out for Allegedly “Secretly” Giving Away Graham as Lisa’s Restaurant Designer Denies Dog Was “Aggressive,” and Addresses “Storyline” Claim, See His Post

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Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant designer shared more behind the story of Raquel Levissdog drama with ex James Kennedy, denied her claims that Graham was “aggressive,” and addressed her accusation that Lisa used the dog as a “storyline.”

On a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, it was insinuated that Lisa returned Graham to James after rescuing him from a shelter after Raquel gave him up. But Raquel recently claimed that Graham was aggressively biting people.

“It seems you care only about yourself and what people would say, which is why you tried to give the dog away secretly,” wrote Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant designer Nick Alain in a post shared by @thebravobabe_ on X. “I had never met Graham before and I personally flew him out to hand him over to James, spending the entire day flying with him and also spending the night with him in my room.”

Nick then denied Raquel’s claims about the dog’s behavior.

“This is not an aggressive dog; he was scared and I’m sure felt abandoned, probably for a long time under your supervision,” he expressed. “When a dog doesn’t feel love or security, they will lash out.”

Nick also shared that he adopted “two amazing dogs” through Vanderpump Dogs, and it’s made “very clear” that anyone can take a dog back to the center, “no questions asked.”

He then went on to defend Lisa.

“You gave him up because he did not fit your lifestyle, end of story,” the designer went on. “And how dare you try to portray Lisa as a person who would use a dog for a storyline. Do you even know or understand what she has done for dogs?? You need to stop and think before you continue down this road of trying to make everyone at fault for your shortcomings.”