Luann de Lesseps Discusses if Joe Bradley Spent the Night, Dating Rumor With Oliver Sarkoski, Plus Possibly Joining Traitors Season 3, RHONY Hybrid Claims, and Cabaret Paying the Bills

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Luann de Lesseps Discusses if Joe Bradley Spent the Night, Dating Rumor With Oliver Sarkoski, Plus Possibly Joining Traitors Season 3, RHONY Hybrid Claims, and Cabaret Paying the Bills

Credit: Michael Simon/,Bryan Steffy/Bravo

Luann may not be on The Real Housewives of New York anymore, but she remains a busy lady. She’s doing her cabaret shows, she’s been in other reality TV programs, and she seems to be an overall hustler. Recently, she discussed how Cabaret pays the bills, the importance of having a passion, and the rumors about her coming back to RHONY and even doing The Traitors season three.

When it came to the topic of Joe Bradley from Southern Hospitality and how there have been talks of him staying over at her place, she admits that she finds him “gorgeous,” but she doesn’t give much besides that. 

A lady doesn’t kiss and tell,” shared Luann during an episode of Below the Velvet Rope With David Yontef. “There was definitely chemistry. And I think he’s gorgeous. And I think that he’s got a big career in front of him with Southern Hospitality… And, you know, what’s wrong with flirting and being attracted to somebody, right? So we went to a bar and had drinks. Okay.”

As for his ex Danielle Olivera‘s claim that she tracked Joe’s location to the Upper East Side where Luann owns a home, Luann seemingly admits he visited her house, but adds: “I had other friends that were over too. And so you know people love, they love to wonder, and they love the mystery, and they love the sexiness.”

When asked about the possibility of dating Joe in the future now that he’s single, she admits, “Well he happens to live in another state, so, and he’s a little young for me, darling.”

Luann was also asked about dating rumors with Oliver Sarkoski – the ex-husband of Mary-Kate Olsen — after the two were recently photographed together grabbing lunch.

“We’ve known each other for years, and you know, just two people having lunch, you know. Where’s the shame in that, you know? We’re just having a nice lunch and minding our own business, and of course, there’s a photographer outside the door,” she stated. “I love my French guys, what can I tell you? They’re so sophisticated… And that’s all I’m going to say. ”

Of course, Luann was also recently a part of the RHONY Legacy show on Peacock, which fans seemed to really enjoy. 

Luann was asked about the show being canceled and what her life is like today after doing 13 seasons of RHONY but also having Cabaret as a fallback.  

She says, “It’s paying the bills because you know the show got canceled. Cabaret is really keeping me afloat.”

Luann then says, “I just feel really lucky to have this as a career.” She also discusses her love for being on stage and what the songs actually mean to her. 

The host then brings up the reality of being in the business and how most people don’t make it as far as Luann. They also discuss the importance of having a backup plan for when things “dim” for Housewives. 

In discussing Housewives who don’t have anything to fall back on, Luann says, “No, I know, and, you know, I feel for them.” She then goes on to talk about the importance of having a true passion and how that’s what Cabaret is for her. She also admits that she’s covering “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus and how important of a song it is because it’s about independence. 

The conversation then turns to rumors about what reality shows Luann might end up on. Regarding if she might be on The Traitors season three, Luann says, “Well, I don’t know. They might already be thinking about it. I don’t know. I can’t, I can’t tell you that.”

She then says, “Well, listen, I could go both ways. I’m very flexible. I can go either way,” when asked if she would be a traitor or a faithful. 

There are also rumors that there could be a hybrid season of RHONY with some of the OG cast mixed in with the new ladies. Luann expressed interest but also admitted that she’s really busy. However, Erin Lichy has said those rumors are not true. 

She says, “I have no idea, so maybe Erin knows more than I do, but I don’t know anything. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Now, would I do Housewives right now? I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m having too much fun with cabaret.”

Luann clearly has a lot going on in her life, but it would be interesting to see her back on RHONY