Vanderpump Rules Recap: Jax Blasts Sandoval Over Scandal as He Comes in Hot, Scheana Hints at Orgy With John Mayer, and Ariana Warns Scheana About Sandoval Friendship, Plus Sandoval Cries Over Raquel

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Jax Comes in Guns Blazing and Blasts Sandoval Over Scandal as Ariana Warns Scheana About Sandoval Friendship, Plus Katie and Lala Make Amends

Ariana continues to stand firm on her stance when it comes to Tom Sandoval on this episode of Vanderpump Rules. Sure, you can befriend Sandoval, but that means you’ll lose Ariana. Scheana is still trying to figure out a way to have both Ariana and Sandoval in her life, Lala and Katie realize their friendship is something to save, and Jax graces our screens (prior to The Valley crossover) to show Sandoval who the number one guy in the group really is now.

Sandoval has decided it would be a GREAT idea to throw himself a pool party because that wouldn’t make his roommate/ex-girlfriend annoyed or anything. Ariana is avoiding this party that she “allowed,” but not before complaining about it to Katie via FaceTime. The girls discuss Katie’s upcoming meetup with Lala and how it may be awkward considering how things were left after Ally’s readings the night before.

Katie and Lala sit down to (hopefully) reconcile after the way they spoke to each other. Lala points out that this has been the third time Katie has hit below the belt with her. Lala calls Katie her ride or die, but it’s getting harder to find things in common since she is trying to soften up, as opposed to Katie who is “on her warpath.” Lala doesn’t want to or mean to make things about her, but she was just trying to connect with Ariana. She wants Katie to work on her tone and delivery, which Katie acknowledges, and the duo hug it out, signaling a reconciliation.

According to Ariana, Sandoval is hosting his “Sexy Singles Pool Party.” Sandoval has made Schwartz uncomfortable when he talks about “potential love interests.” Even Schwartz realizes this is not a good look for Sandoval, and so he excuses himself from the situation, letting the party tank on its own.

It turns out that Sandoval has invited some girls that he met at See You Next Tuesday. Sandoval does a wonderful job of scaring them away by talking only about himself and his 10-year relationship that was. He needs some serious help making small talk. Or, dare I say, flirting, and things go from cringe to a straight-up car wreck as he rambles on about his past.

Meanwhile, during a confessional, Scheana hinted at once allegedly having an orgy with singer John Mayer. When asked by a  producer when she had an orgy, something she seemingly admitted during a cast game of ‘Never Have I Ever,’ Scheana stated that “It was with an A-list celebrity.”

Although she didn’t reveal the celebrity’s name, she shared a major clue: “Once upon a time, my body was a wonderland, I’ll say that.” Scheana previously shared a story of how she once ended up in a throuple with the singer.

The aftermath of the pool party is comparable to a frat party mess. Food and drinks are scattered about, and the floor is sticky. Ariana walks in on Ann, Sandoval’s assistant, and wonders what exactly her job description is. I mean, one minute she’s cleaning, the next minute she’s acting as his therapist. According to Sandoval, “one of Ann’s duties is to do some housekeeping,” but this seems to be next level, and you KNOW he isn’t paying her well…

Scheana stops over to Ariana’s, and they step over the trash to make their way to the sofa. Ariana shares that SHE is gonna have some people over for a much more chill evening, but the real reason Ariana has Scheana over is because she thinks Scheana is mad at her, especially over the DWTS gig. Scheana’s beef is that Ariana did not tell her firsthand about getting the show. Ariana wants Scheana to tell her things and to be comfortable talking to her about everything, but Scheana feels like Ariana hasn’t been “receptive” to her feelings.

When it comes to Sandoval, Scheana states she misses her friend of 14 years, but Ariana shoots it right down. She reminds Scheana that it’s hard to hear that her best friend misses Sandoval, especially after what he did to her. Ariana knows that Scheana has plans to make up with Sandoval, but she still isn’t okay with this friendship.

Schwartz admits that he could “probably marry Jo right now and be happy,” but he’s not quite ready for that. He understands that the way they hang out seems very date-like (and like they are living together), but it’s truly platonic. Jo explains that since meeting Ally at SUR, she has felt welcome by one of the girls from the group, something that hasn’t happened for her in a long time. She even thinks she will ask Ally for a reading!

It’s a night out for the group, and since Tahoe, Sandoval is really trying to reconnect with his friends. It almost seems like things are back to normal within the cast — until Ariana and Katie roll up to the outing. It feels like this was a blatant move for Ariana to try and reclaim *her* friends before they slide back to Sandoval’s side.

Katie and Lala tell the other girls that they are now all good again, and Ally shares that Jo texted her to do her chart. This makes Katie recoil, especially seeing how Jo is “infiltrating” the group by trying to get to Ally first.

Schwartz and Scheana touch base, and he tries to fill her in on Sandoval’s pool party, but he gets interrupted when Sandoval walks over. Scheana takes this as an opportunity to ask him to take responsibility for a lot of sh*t things that went down, including Katie and Schwartz’s divorce. Scheana feels like he also lived on a moral high ground, but now it’s time for Sandoval to get some more self-awareness. Scheana reminds Sandoval that he has hurt a lot of people, and of course, Sandoval gets frustrated because he feels like he’s people’s scapegoat. Scheana gets fed up and walks away, and James jumps in to try and right Sandoval. Sandoval claims that he is done “groveling” and storms out of the bar in typical Sandoval fashion.

Brock is still on this nanny kick, but he is understanding a little more about how to talk to Scheana about this. Brock needs to work on his “career,” and according to him, getting a nanny is going to give him more consistency. Right. Scheana talks about her night out and fills Brock in on her great conversation with Ariana.

Before Ariana’s party, Sandoval comes down and finds himself face-to-face with Katie. Sandoval remembers how Scheana begged him to apologize to Katie, and so, he takes her advice, mainly because he knows the best way he can get back into the group is through Scheana… so he should do what she asks. He actually apologizes for the way he acted last year during the divorce, yet Katie can hardly take this apology. Sandoval asks Katie to give him some grace, but Katie wants him to give Ariana some more decency and respect.

As the party gets started downstairs, Schwartz keeps Sandoval company upstairs. Sandoval is lost now that Rachel has truly cut things off with him, and no amount of journaling can help him navigate his emotions. He is broken, and Schwartz witnesses Sandoval’s dramatic meltdown in his closet, which is yet another cringe moment in this episode. Sandoval states, “I’m getting treated like I’m Scott Peterson,” and he tells Schwartz that he is feeling “destructive.” Schwartz suggests they go out to try and heal. Once Sandoval leaves the premises, the energy changes for the gang downstairs, and a fun night ensues.

Sandoval gets dragged out for a guys’ night while Jo gets her reading from Ally. Schwartz explains that last summer he had a “whirlwind romance” with Jo and that Katie has a problem with her, but Ally has welcomed her as “Schwartz’s friend.”

And so begins the crossover event when Jax enters the bar scene. Schwartz is hopeful that Jax can give Sandoval some advice, from one cheater to another, and Jax comes back on our screens hot. In the 2.5 minutes that he is at the bar, we learn that Jax is opening a sports bar and that he still has issues with Sandoval.

Sandoval calls Jax out for not shutting up about his mistakes and tells him, “It must be humbling to only have something interesting to say when you’re talking about me.” Sandoval makes it clear that he doesn’t have to humble himself to Jax, and this is backfiring right in Schwartz’s face. Jax claims that Sandoval did not help him out when he messed up and states that he has grown up. He calls Sandoval a disgrace, and this is when Brock steps in to remind the dudes to take a beat. Jax talks about what happens when you let the ego get the best of you, and despite the raucous he caused during his short presence, they hug it out, and Jax explains that he just wants the best for Sandoval (so long as he looks better).