Mauricio Umansky Seemingly Accuses Kyle of Causing “High Stress” at Home as She Claps Back Amid Marital Convo With Daughters in Buying Beverly Hills Preview

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
RHOBH's Kyle Richards Mauricio Umansky Seemingly Accuses Kyle Richards of Causing “High Stress” at Home

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo, Greg Doherty/Bravo

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky addressed marital issues with their daughters as Mauricio hinted at “high stress” in the home. Kyle then clapped back.

Around the same time, Mauricio claimed the speculation over his marriage is “annoying,” and he discussed what it’s like to deal with the scrutiny. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple, who are separated but living under the same roof, are allowed to date other people, according to Kyle.

“We have had a hard year,” said Kyle with Mauricio as they addressed their marriage difficulties with their daughters, in a Buying Beverly Hills preview shared by @queensofbravo on X. “It is work.”

“It is work,” Mauricio agreed. “I mean, look, Mom and I, we’ve never really been apart. Um…”

“Definitely not this much,” Kyle interjected.

“I have to learn how to say no to certain things. And not say yes to everything, because not only does it affect, you know, my life at the office, but it affects my life at home,” said Mauricio, pointing at Kyle. “My high stress comes, you know, at home.”

Kyle then clapped back, sarcastically telling him, “Thanks.”

“You have a hard time being present too when you’re home,” she added. “Because you’ve got so much on your mind sometimes.”

“Yeah. We’ve talked about that,” Mauricio expressed.

In a confessional, Mauricio said he and Kyle always had the “dream” of getting old together and watching their grandkids play. He said it’s “sad” to think they possibly won’t be together.

Speaking with Extra, Mauricio addressed his experience since the split.

“Sometimes I feel like the public eye… just all the scrutiny — particularly with going through the separation from Kyle — speculation, scrutiny, all of that, it’s annoying,” he shared. “Not being able to live under any privacy or anything like that. That’s definitely a very huge sacrifice that I think we all accept when we all want to be on reality television, and it’s a sacrifice.”

Concerning his regrets about past things he’s said, Mauricio answered cryptically: “It happens all the time.”