RHOBH’s Kyle Richards’ Daughter Farrah Aldjufrie Addresses “Sad” Split From Fiancé Alex Manos, and Talks Mom’s Separation From Mauricio as He Also Speaks

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RHOBH’s Kyle Richards’ Daughter Farrah Aldjufrie Confirms Split From Fiancé Alex Manos, Hints It Will “Play Out” on Buying Beverly Hills, and Addresses Mom’s Separation From Mauricio

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Kyle Richards’ daughter Farrah Aldjufrie revealed she’s no longer in a relationship with fiancé Alex Manos, hinted it will “play out” on Buying Beverly Hills, and addressed her mom’s separation from Mauricio Umansky.

Mauricio – Farrah’s stepdad and boss – also opened up about discussing his marriage issues on camera. Some fans have argued that Mauricio shared more on Netflix than Kyle did on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“You will be seeing what happened,” stated Farrah of her split with Alex in an interview with E! News as she teased the upcoming season of the Netflix show. “You will be seeing me experiencing it. In real life. In real time. At the moment, we are not together. At the moment.”

“No bad blood. It was amicable. It was just — it was time for us to move on. As sad as that is,” she explained.

In an interview for DC Film Girl, Farrah addressed how hard it was.

“It is a very personal thing to go through. In general. And then to have it play out on TV. And have your partner not be a part of the show,” said Farrah, via Heavy. “You know, we want to protect their privacy. You are also going through the motions in real time. So there was definitely a lot of stress around that.”

Farrah said she sometimes felt like her family and friends were actually “coming for” her as they shared their concerns, and she was “defensive” at the time but she knows her loved ones “want the best for [her].”

In the E! News interview, Farrah addressed her mother’s separation from Mauricio.

“Obviously, we’re in a different spot at the moment. But that does not take away the 27 years, 26 years of an amazing marriage. Amazing parents that kept our family so strong and so tight. So just because we’re in a different chapter, that’s still the takeaway,” she explained.

While speaking with TV host Andrew Freund, Mauricio discussed the reality of navigating the split as a public figure.

“I think most families and most people deal with this stuff. But they just don’t have the public eye. And the scrutiny on the top of that, right? So I think that’s what makes it the most difficult,” he said. “I’ve also just from my perspective really just learned how to be much more vulnerable and much more emotional with myself … I know that if I just allow my emotions to go through me, I feel much better. Way faster. And I can deal with almost anything.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, Farrah expressed her family’s solidarity amid the split.

“We’re very, very hopeful. We’re a very strong family, we’re very resilient,” she said. “We have two amazing parents, the best sisters in the world. Given the circumstances, I don’t think it could be any better or we could be handling it any better.”

“[The Umanskys are] having a rough patch, which is unusual for our family [but] we know that the future is bright for sure,” the daughter continued.

Her stepdad told the outlet he “certainly had some hesitation” discussing his marriage on camera for his show.

“[But] to be vulnerable and real and to put it out into the world and hopefully allow the audience and people to learn from the way that we’re handling things — these are real-life issues that people deal with every single day of their lives,” he added. “We are still best friends. We still love each other. And I think if people can learn how to do that, it’s actually just going to make the process better, that you don’t have to hate somebody just because you’re going through a separation.”

“We don’t know where the future is at this point. We’re just allowing things to happen and just move forward,” he went on. “In some cases, and you’ll watch it on the show, it’s gotten me a lot closer to my daughters because we’ve been much more open, much more real, much more truthful about certain more difficult topics to talk about.”