Mauricio Umansky Addresses Kyle Richards’ Claim of Losing Trust and Paris Hilton’s Diss, Plus Why It Seems He’s Sharing More Details of Marital Drama on Buying Beverly Hills Than RHOBH

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Mauricio Umansky Addresses Kyle Richards' Claim of Losing Trust and Paris Hilton’s Diss, Plus Why It Seems He’s Sharing More Details of Marital Drama on Buying Beverly Hills Than RHOBH

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Mauricio Umansky is opening up about the claims Kyle Richards made in regard to losing trust in him on the recently aired Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

After Kyle, 55, was seen admitting that the many cheating rumors she heard about Mauricio, 53, had chipped away at her over the years and led to insecurities, Mauricio shared his thoughts on her revelation as he also reacted to claims of having hidden their marital drama on RHOBH, weighed in on Paris Hilton, 43, calling him out, and said he deserved to be made partner at Rick Hilton‘s real estate firm.

“I don’t know what that is,” Mauricio admitted to Entertainment Tonight of his estranged wife’s concerns on March 18. “All I can tell you is that at the end of the day we were married for 29 years, we met when we were kids… I think we’ve been open and honest and I think people need to quit looking for what I always say, ‘T*ts on an ant.’”

Although he and Kyle have been accused of showing more of their marriage drama on Buying Beverly Hills than RHOBH, Mauricio said it is “not fair” to compare because RHOBH is “a completely different dynamic.”

“I’m working with these three girls all day long. I spend so much time and so many hours with them. So not only am I working with them but I’m also seeing them at home and so the conversations that are happening are totally different,” he explained, giving a nod to stepdaughter Farrah Aldjufrie, 35, and daughters Alexia Umansky, 27, and Sophia Umansky, 24, who work with him at The Agency.

There was also the matter of timing.

“Particularly in our situation, we were in the middle of rolling when all of the stuff happened with Kyle and I and the news broke and the discussions we were having, Housewives really wasn’t,” he stated. “So not super fair for people to say that about the Housewives in my opinion.”

When Mauricio was then asked about his “end goal” for his situation with Kyle, he couldn’t say.

“You got to take days at a time and sometimes when you’re looking for the end goal you don’t know what to do and life is a journey. And we are on a journey,” he shared. “You cannot control the past, we are in the present and the present will create the future. So [from] my perspective it’s really about the journey. I don’t have an end goal at this moment.”

As for Paris’ recent claim that he was using their family name to promote Buying Beverly Hills, which came after he suggested he got “f*cked” at Hilton & Hyland, Mauricio said their current family feud is “sad.”

“It’s sad that she got so upset about that, but at the end of the day, it’s two businessmen making two business decisions,” Mauricio explained, also to Entertainment Tonight. “I felt like I deserved something. I asked for something, he didn’t want to do it, and then I chose to go off on my own.”

After being denied a partner position at Hilton & Hyland, Mauricio started The Agency.

“I made that decision just to go forward with this thing. There is certainly no bad blood on my side,” he said of the past murkiness between him and Rick.

Buying Beverly Hills season two begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, March 22.