RHOP Finale Recap: Gordon Accuses Mia of 10-Yr Affair & Questions Paternity of Kid, as Mia Shares New Details of Marital Turmoil, Plus Keiarna Gets Injured During Candiace and Deborah’s Fight as Ashley Apologizes

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RHOP Season Finale Recap: Mia Shares Details & Timeline of Split From Gordon as He Calls Her Out for Breaking Rules of Relationship, Accuses INC of Breaking Marriage, and Questions Paternity of Son, Plus Keiarna Gets Injured During Candiace and Deborah’s Fight as the Cast Reacts

The GnA Fashion Show is the scene of an all-out brawl. Some blame Ashley for bringing her friend Deborah around even though Candiace has some serious beef with her. But the real focus is toward the end of the Real Housewives of Potomac season finale when Mia‘s open relationship gets brought to light. Gordon admits to allowing Mia the freedom, but he shares the details of Mia’s affair and some are… shocking.

As the fashion show ends and the cameras go down, we hear women yelling to call an ambulance after a fight breaks out. Production jumps back in, and we try to gather the details of what went down, although based on how quickly the brawl erupted, everything is a bit fuzzy.

Deborah threw a drink on Candiace, and somehow Keiarna got involved, ending up with a bleeding head. As Keiarna tends to her wounds in the bathroom, Candiace is restrained as she yells, “Get that Sesame Street a*s b*tch and don’t come back” to Deborah. As more people try to piece together what occurred, it starts to become more clear. Apparently, Deborah was listening to Wendy and Candiace talk sh*t about her (calling her vermin and the “Help”), and she snapped. Keiarna is the one, however, who punched Deborah in the face, thus having the ladies end up on the floor.

Karen calls Deborah’s behavior attention-seeking, and Keiarna got hurt because of it. Karen gets in the ambulance with Keiarna, and she makes it clear that Ashley should have realized that you just can’t mix certain friends. Meanwhile, Ashley *still* refers to Deborah as her “homegirl.” Ashley is baffled why two grown women (who don’t like each other) can’t simply avoid being around each other to make for a peaceful evening.

Two days later, Karen and her security roll up to the Monarch Magazine Icons of Pop Culture event. The ladies are thrilled to finally view their photos after the shoot. Plus, it’s a good way to get the group together after the incident. Charrisse and her boot are next to arrive. Apparently, Charrisse got injured in the midst of the Deborah debacle at the fashion show. Gizelle is p*ssed that GnA is now associated with this fight, and she is appalled that it happened there.

Because of Deborah’s antagonizing behavior the day after the fight, Ashley puts a pause on her friendship with her. But she does go on to explain Deborah’s side of the story to the group. According to Deborah, she could hear Candiace and Wendy talking about her, and that’s when Keiarna reached out and punched her. Robyn feels like Keiarna got caught up fighting other people’s battles.

Candiace claims that when Deborah lunged at her, Keiarna jumped in and hit Deborah. Even though Candiace seems innocent in this fight, she knows this is all gonna be her fault. Wendy explains that the event left a dark cloud over the group. Deborah’s beef with Candiace is unwarranted because Chris was NOT flirting with her, so this fight was totally unnecessary. Wendy explains that she has “lots of questions” for Ashley, but she is waiting to confront her.

Mia rolls deep with her entire family in tow, children included. She is thrilled to have a happy reason to come together, and Nneka shows up, despite not being a part of the photoshoot (thanks, Mia!).

Karen addresses the elephant in the room. Wendy states that Ashley’s friend, Deborah, came with an “agenda.” Karen essentially demands to hear wtf Ashley was thinking by inviting those *friends* to the event. Ashley explains that she doesn’t know what transpired, and Wendy agrees that people shouldn’t be held accountable for their friends’ actions.

If what Deborah is saying is true, Ashley feels like Candiace goes too low. Karen believes that a level of trust has been destroyed within the group. She stresses that no one can bring harm, and no one can believe that Deborah woke up the next morning and continued to choose violence on social media. Ashley apologizes and explains that she will be more careful about who she brings into the group. Gizelle jumps on the end of this group session and explains how grateful she has been for Karen having her back during her tough time with her dad because, at the end of the day, they’re friends. They toast to their friendship as a group and prep for Mia’s speech introducing the photo shoot.

Mia’s speech is cut into (maybe it really was that bad) and the end-of-season bios spread across our screens. Candiace has been recording new music, and so the whole baby thing is still on ice… literally. Dr. Wendy’s talk show is on YouTube now. and Robyn has signed a lease for Glo20. In case you were concerned, Robyn and Juan STILL don’t care what people think about their marriage. Karen is looking to open the Surry house in 2025 and shares that she has had some triple 20 tweaks. Gizelle sadly lost her father, but GnA is officially launched. Nneka was unsuccessful with her IVF, and Ashley’s dating… but STILL not divorced yet.

As Gordon makes his lovely speech highlighting how wonderful Mia is, we all know what’s coming next. We are hit with a black screen, and three months later, the news breaks that Mia and Gordon have ended their marriage after 11 years.

According to Eddie and Wendy, Gordon reached out in the guys’ group text to tell them stuff about him and Mia. Eddie called Gordon and learned they were getting a divorce and that Mia wasn’t putting the kids first. And then things came out online. That’s the moment everyone realized this was really happening. Mia explains that she officially separated in July, and Gordon still doesn’t want her to divorce him.

The issues stem from long ago, but Mia points out that Gordon didn’t like the trailer from season eight where she stated she “might have” married him for money. In a tense conversation, we learn that Gordon has known Mia was having an affair for 10 years or more. The reality is that Gordon knew he was getting older, and at some point after having prostate surgery, he essentially gave Mia a pass to find someone with some stipulations.  First, she had to be discreet, and next, she was not to get the kids involved. Gordon is upset because Mia broke both rules when it came to her man, Mr. Inc. This is someone from Mia’s past, a high school sweetheart, who has been around her children. Gordon is pissed because he feels like the kids think Mia is trying to replace him with Mr. Inc.

Mia explains that it started when she noticed Gordon was not himself. She has been open with Gordon, and he has been aware of all the things, and yet Gordon took her phone and locked her in her room… like she’s his teenage daughter. The open relationship did not include Mr. Inc, especially because he thought their son, Jeremiah, was Inc’s kid. Gordon tells Mia, “If you want fair, go to a carnival and stop lying.”

Mia explains that the timeline would make the kid technically not Gordon’s, but since there was no paternity test and because Gordon chose to raise Jeremiah as his own, they have moved past that issue… until now. Mia is tired of the gold digger chatter, especially because she is the one supporting Gordon now that he is in a legal battle with his siblings. Mia states that she is tired of giving so much of herself, and now she wants someone to nurture her. Gordon wants to move on for the sake of the kids, but Mia calls Gordon a “loose cannon.” Gordon reminds Mia to pick a story and stay with it, but Mia feels like now she has to follow her heart. Inc told her 10 years ago that he would be there for Mia when she was ready, and now is the time. Mia cannot be the best version of herself when she has to navigate around the hostility.