Summer House: West Wilson Sparks Breakup Rumors With Ciara Miller as Fans React, Plus Claims He’s Never Seen Paige Clean Kitchen, Talks Danielle and Shades Lindsay

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Summer House’s West Wilson Sparks Breakup Rumors with Ciara Miller, Claims He’s Never Seen Paige Clean The Kitchen, Talks “Great Friendship” with Danielle, and Shades Lindsay for “Attack[ing]” Carl “On a Whim”

Credit: Noam Galai/BRAVO

Summer House’s West Wilson sparked breakup rumors with Ciara Miller over a cryptic response when asked if they’re still together. The newbie also claimed he’s never seen Paige DeSorbo clean the kitchen, addressed his “great friendship” with Danielle Olivera, and shaded Lindsay Hubbard for “attack[ing] Carl Radke “on a whim.”

Throughout the season, West and Ciara’s romance has been building, and they recently shared an onscreen date. But when he told castmates that they kissed, Ciara wasn’t pleased.

In an Us Weekly interview, West was asked if he and Ciara are still together.

“Um… You’ll see how, obviously, how it plays it,” said West. “But more than anything like romantic, I kind of like owe her a lot of my summer just in being someone I could kind of like be comfortable like sharing this experience with.”

West called Ciara a person he “leaned on” during “downtime” or when “other stuff was going on.”

Fans were immediately suspicious of his vague answer.

“It’s not looking good,” wrote one viewer on Instagram.

“It’s giving single,” said another.

“Doesn’t seem like he is still with her, but I am hoping I am wrong. They are darling together,” expressed a third viewer.

“He didn’t actually like her but she liked him,” a different user speculated.

Another pointed out his “body language” – which seemed to be evasive as he answered the question.

In an interview with the Ringer Reality TV podcast, West was asked about Ciara’s bestie Paige – and if she’s ever cleaned the kitchen.

“Not that I’ve seen,” he answered, via @queensofbravo on Instagram. “I’m trying to think of her even standing by a sink to make something or clean something up.”

The newbie said he doesn’t know if Paige has ever crossed the “half-court line” between the dining room and the kitchen, and he suggested that people serve her because of her “mousy cuteness.”

He then addressed his onscreen joke asking Paige what time she’ll do dishes.

“I had to get a few chirps in so they knew I still mean business,” he said. “Even though [I got] talked into cooking right away.”

West later praised his “great friendship” with Danielle, and he claimed he saw “the good” in her, although “not everyone” else did.

Though he doesn’t “hate” anyone in the cast, West called it “disappointing” how Lindsay suggested that her then-fiancé Carl was doing drugs when she knew he was sober. He said it was hard to watch Carl get “attacked on a whim” – especially since West knew it was a “trigger” for Carl, who practices sobriety.