Carl Radke Discusses Being ‘Uncomfortable’ With Lindsay Questioning Sobriety Before Their Split and Looks Back on “Cringe” Season of Summer House

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Carl Radke Discusses Being 'Uncomfortable' With Lindsay Questioning Sobriety Before Their Split and Looks Back on "Cringe" Season of Summer House

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Carl Radke is weighing in on the questions he faced from his former fiancée, Lindsay Hubbard, in regard to his sobriety prior to their August 2023 split.

Ahead of the premiere of Summer House season eight, which will give fans a look at the moments that led up to Carl, 39, calling off his would-have-been wedding in Mexico to Lindsay, 37, Carl reacted to Lindsay voicing her suspicions, confirmed he’s three-years sober, and looked back at the first season in which he chose to refrain from drinking.

“Watching that back, it’s uncomfortable and especially, you know, when you’re in a relationship and that’s being brought up when I’ve been very focused and really trying to stay on track,” Carl told Page Six after being asked about Lindsay “weaponizing” his sobriety on February 18.

According to Carl, fans will eventually understand “what led” him to tell Lindsay, “You accused me of doing drugs,” in the trailer.

“Anybody that knows me knows that alcohol and cocaine were my issues,” he explained. “I have not touched those in three years, so cheers to that. I’m proud of that. Unfortunately, it’s going to be something that does get talked about on this season.”

Although Carl acknowledged that Lindsay’s questions made him “uncomfortable,” he said that when it comes to airing his real life on Summer House, it’s worth it if it can “help people.”

“Like everything that I talk about openly in my life, I hope that it’s relatable and it helps people. It brings more awareness to conversations, and ultimately, it can just break the stigma around friends that don’t drink or have issues with drugs because I still want to have a good time,” he said.

As his relationship with Lindsay fell apart amid filming, Carl had friend Kyle Cooke, 41, at his side, being “so supportive” throughout the journey and his split.

“I’m so proud of him,” Kyle said. “I just feel like he’s done so much work on himself.”

After getting sober in 2021 on the heels of his brother Curtis Radke‘s overdose death in 2020, Carl admitted that his first sober season of Summer House was “a little awkward.”

“I’m getting more confident living a sober lifestyle. Obviously, having something in my hand helps,” he shared, referring to Loverboy’s new Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Teas. “I cringe still because it’s just kind of strange, but I feel like I’m coming into my own more. And I’m excited because we’ve got a great product to hold in our hands. It gives me a lot of purpose and I’m just going to focus on my family, my friends and my career and then let all the other stuff play out as it plays out.”


#CarlRadke admits to Page Six that he struggled with his former fiancée, LindsayHubbard, questioning his sobriety before they split last summer. Link in bio for more details.

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With the premiere around the corner, Carl said that while the season will be hard to watch, he’s looking forward to putting it in his rearview.

“I know the reality that I was living in and I like, I said, ‘I’m probably gonna watch back and wish I maybe handled things a little differently.’ [I] probably won’t be proud of some moments, but in a weird way, I’m looking forward to having it come out,” he noted. “[It’s] not going to be easy, [but I’m] looking forward to moving on and moving forward. I do think you guys are going to watch, and I hope understand how it could end like that.”

Summer House season eight premieres on Thursday, February 22, at 9/8c on Bravo.