REPORT: Karen Huger’s Car Caught Fire and RHOP Star Had to Be Pulled Out as Source Shares New Details of Her Car Crash After DUI Arrest

by Barnell Anderson Comments
Karen Huger's Car Accident Could Have Been “Catastrophic,” Report Says the Car Caught Fire and Karen Had to Be Pulled Out

Credit: Bravo

There has been a ton of concern for Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger since her March 19 car crash. We now know that the crash resulted in Karen being arrested for DUI and being charged with other infractions, including reckless driving. Now, more details have emerged about exactly how bad the crash was and how bad it could have been.

Karen has discussed the accident and said that it came after an emotional discussion with a friend that made her think of her mother passing away in 2017. When the accident was first reported, there was no mention of Karen being under the influence.

Now, Radar Online has more details about the car accident that left Karen’s Maserati totaled. A resident of the area had this to say to the outlet, “She lost control of the car before the pedestrian crossing, hit the traffic island, and then hit the tree. “

The resident continued, “She went through the crossing without any control, and it could have been catastrophic. She did not slow down even though there were many warning signs that the crossing was coming up.”

The initial report simplified the situation and said that the car was driving “aggressively.” 

The accident happened shortly before midnight, and Karen was then taken into custody by the Montgomery County Police Department.

Unfortunately, according to the police report, the car caught fire and Karen had to be removed from the vehicle. She then refused to submit to a breathalyzer and had her license suspended as a result.  

The resident had more to say about Karen’s wreck. They called it the “height of callousness and a disregard for other individuals.”

The resident continued, “Usually, there are cyclists and kids and pedestrians during most hours. The speed limit is 35, and the recommended speed is 30. You can tell from the damage to the traffic island how fast the car must have been going.”

Everyone is glad that Karen is okay. However, as the resident said, the car accident could have been much worse, and there is no excuse for driving under the influence. This will more than likely come up in the next season of RHOP.