Paige DeSorbo Addresses Craig Saying a Breakup is “Very Probable” on Summer House as Craig Clarifies Statement

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Paige DeSorbo Addresses Craig Conover’s Comment After He Says Breakup is “Very Probable” on Summer House as Craig Clarifies Statement

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Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover are two of the most celebrated couples on Bravo. So much so that they appear on multiple shows on the network. However, the Southern charm star recently sparked chatter when he said it’s probable he and Paige might break up. Now, she’s clarifying and saying she didn’t disagree with what he had to say. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time Craig has sparked rumors that there may be trouble in paradise for the long-distance couple. Of course, she lives in New York City while he resides in South Carolina. 

During a conversation with Kyle Cooke on the most recent episode of Summer House, Kyle asks Craig if he could see a world in which Craig and Paige don’t end up together. Craig responded: “She lives in New York City, she loves New York. I love Charleston, I run a company out of Charleston. It’s very probable. You would be naive to be like, ‘Oh, it’s all just gonna work out.'”

Paige recently spoke to E News and clarified what Craig had to say about the likelihood they’ll break up. She said, “Honestly, I wasn’t upset about it at all because I think everything he said I agreed with. “

Paige continues, “Yes, in statistics, people could potentially break up. We have a higher rate because we do long distance, but I think if we weren’t acknowledging that we would be really naive.”

Paige also said that she was glad Craig said what he said because it’s realistic. She appreciates that he’s willing to have the difficult conversations. 

According to Paige, “I think Craig and I do a good job of talking about all the things that maybe are taboo or scary to talk about before big life events. I was thankful that he said that because I feel the same way. I know he felt that way and so it honestly put me at ease.”

Craig also spoke to the outlet and offered more context. 

Craig said, “It’s just about not being delusional. Just because we’re on TV doesn’t mean that we’re not going to deal with the exact same things that everyone else out there does. If we were to sit there and act like everything just works out every single time, I just think that would be dishonest. Obviously, we want it to work out.”

He goes on to say that they are happier together than apart. 

“For us, we’re like, ‘Hey, we haven’t figured out everything yet, but we love each other, and we’re happier together than we are apart. We’re going to take every challenge as it comes instead of letting the fear of the future ruin the happiness of today.”

Paige later joked that Panera, who they have a partnership with, could cater their wedding if and when they get married. Fans can see Paige and Craig on Summer House on Thursdays.