James Kennedy Vows to Split “Sloppy Joe” Merch Profit With Jo Wenberg, Apologizes for Profiting Off Diss Against Her as Girlfriend Ally Speaks Out

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Pump Rules’ James Kennedy Apologizes for Profiting Off Diss against Jo Wenberg with “Sloppy Joe” T-Shirts, as Girlfriend Ally Speaks Out, and James Promises to Split Profits with Jo

Credit: Instagram

James Kennedy apologized for profiting off his “sloppy Joe” diss against Jo Wenberg on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules – and promised to split the proceeds with her. The controversial T-shirts, which he’s apparently still selling, say, “Sloppy Joe … There’s something about her.”

He’s referencing a scene when he claimed Tom Schwartz likes ‘sloppy Joe’ amid speculation that he and Jo are romantically involved. The diss offended many fans, who felt that castmates were being mean toward the newbie.

“Sorry about my ‘Sloppy James,’ I did not approve this message or the T-shirt,” said his girlfriend Ally at the beginning of his Instagram video, via @byewighellodrama.

“She didn’t approve the T-shirt. I’ve already boosted the post somehow so I can’t delete it, but I’m sorry and I love Jo. Like nothing against her,” James explained. “I just thought it was a funny joke.”

After some prompting from Ally, James said, “Yeah, I’ll split the dough with Jo.”

In a different scene, Jo’s friend Schwartz landed in hot water over a casual confession that he kissed Scheana Shay in Las Vegas when he was dating Katie Maloney.

“Everyone has cheated. We have all cheated. Like, I have done stupid s—t. I was a makeout slut,” said Schwartz at the time, via Us Weekly. “I made out with Scheana like 12 years ago in Vegas. No one even knows that. It was so long ago and it was the most innocuous thing ever.”

“It was somewhere in Vegas. Me and Katie were dating but it was a rocky moment,” he went on. “I just wanted to put it out there and let the record show that we are all human. We all do dumb s—t sometimes. This is the summer of forgiveness.”