RHOP Reunion Recap: Mia Admits Boyfriend Inc Thinks Jeremiah is His Son, Candiace Slams Gizelle for Slander About Chris, Plus Robyn is Grilled Over Juan

by Julia Comments

RHOP Reunion Part 1: Mia Admits Boyfriend INC Thinks Jeremiah is His Son, Candiace Slams Gizelle for Slander About Chis, Plus Robyn is Grilled Over Juan

For this Real Housewives of Potomac reunion, Andy is hopeful that the ladies can set a path to move forward… but let’s be real. As relationships are analyzed and discussed ad nauseam, it seems unlikely for friendships that once were to be revitalized. Plus, Ms. First-Seat-on-the-Couch Mia gets questioned about her new boo and her marriage to Gordon.

As Andy greets each of the women, we learn that Mia is STILL married, but she is publicly linked with her man, Inc. Candiace is still holding off on being a mom since she’s got a mission to make some new music. Ashley claims to have some movement in the divorce direction… and Mia chimes in that she will be divorced before Ashley. LOL.

Andy really wants the ladies to hash things out, and he feels like all the women are better together. Even he admits that the show was frustrating to watch as a fan this season. They all agree that they want to see some ownership amongst the group, but it seems like the only thing these ladies can agree on and bond over is sex. We get a montage of just how many times these women mention sex, and Mia shares that she has taken Robyn’s swallowing advice with her radio personality boyfriend (who is NOT a DJ… don’t get it twisted).

The first to get highlighted is Robyn. Her relationship has been a hot-button issue throughout the season, as the ladies tend to focus on all of Juan’s shadiness. Robyn says that she “can’t say anything for certain” regarding Juan and the cheating allegations, but she believes what Juan is telling her. I don’t think any of the ladies believe his story, but they choose to rally around Robyn.

Juan has decided not to support Robyn at the reunion, and he declined the invitation to attend. Robyn continues to defend Juan and his deletion of messages on his phone, despite all of the allegations. Candiace beefs with Robyn because Robyn wants the details of her life to stay silent, but she demands to know everything about everyone else’s life. Andy wonders why Robyn didn’t “get ahead” of the story about Juan’s cheating to try and alleviate any of these problems now.

Candiace talks about how she refuses to answer any questions asked by Robyn’s blogger friend, and then she produces some exhibits, aka… blown-up receipts of a group chat. Candiace points out that in the text, Robyn talked to bloggers about her anger and how Robyn thinks that talking about Candiace’s business would keep her business at bay. Candiace needs a cry-angle after getting egged on by Gizelle, and she wants “acknowledgment” from Robyn. In a final statement, Robyn tells us that she has been together with Juan for 28 years. She goes through highs and lows but claims to be happy with Juan.

Karen admits to getting a facelift after turning “triple 20,” and she discusses how she may be considered a fence humper. Andy switches gears to talk about the PAVE event, and Karen thanks the ladies for sharing their stories.

On a different note, Gizelle blames Candiace for death threats throughout the season, but Candiace isn’t buying it. Gizelle points out that the color of her skin was a direct connection to Candiace, and she rattles off the list of things that people have called her throughout the season because (according to Gizelle) of Candiace. Candiace shows NO remorse and reminds Gizelle that everyone up there has received some sort of a death threat. She proceeds to pull out yet another receipt, and she feels like Gizelle and Robyn were adding “sauce” to the issue during their podcast.

The conversation turns as Robyn points out the screenshots of Candiace’s husband’s “limp penis,” but that story gets shut down once it was learned that the woman who originally claimed the photo was Chris turned out to be a liar.

Candiace tells Andy that she has “seen and heard enough” from Gizelle. Gizelle appears to not want to move forward, but Andy wonders if either woman can be accountable for any of their actions. Andy points out that after the PAVE event aired, Candiace tweeted about how it’s triggering to watch a woman who accuses someone of sexual assault speak about sexual assault. Candiace claims that Gizelle has accused her husband of sexual assault, but Gizelle continues to deny these allegations.

Karen jumps in and reminds everyone that words do matter, and that although Gizelle never said the exact words, people are left to draw conclusions. Gizelle tells us all that Chris asked her to go into a room, and she explains that she has not lied about a thing. Gizelle refuses to apologize for things she has never said, and she says that Chris asked her to go. However, in a flashback, it is shown that Gizelle said that Chris “made me go into a bedroom and closed the door.”

Wendy wonders, if Gizelle could hold herself accountable, could Candiace hold herself accountable? Gizelle clarifies that she was never MADE to go into a room, but rather asked. Candiace admits that she should have never used those words from the last reunion to describe Gizelle, and a little progress has been made between the women.

However, it is pointed out that Karen does always seem to go after Robyn. When asked to say three nice things about Karen, Robyn begrudgingly says that she is witty, looks great, and is a great mother. Karen says that Robyn is intelligent, is a good friend to Gizelle, and is strategic but an overall nice person. Karen is unable to look at things from Robyn’s perspective, and Karen states that it’s because Robyn is always all over the place.

During a lunch break, Mia phones her boo… with Gordon in the background, which isn’t weird AT ALL. Gordon waves hello during the FaceTime call and listens in as Mia says “I love you” to Inc. Once back on the sofa, we start digging into Mia’s challenging year. A move, a crumbling marriage… she went through it all this season. We learn that Mia and Inc rekindled when Gordon started to go through his depression and his prostate cancer bout. Gordon allowed Mia to begin seeing Inc so long as, one, she was discreet, and two, she didn’t get the kids involved. And Mia broke both rules.

Mia currently has a penthouse apartment in Washington, DC, and Gordon is relocating across the street from her. When asked about the history between her and Inc, Mia shares that she was high school sweethearts with him, but they drifted apart due to distance. While she was married to Gordon, there was one occasion when she rekindled the flame with Inc, and this brings us to the biggest issue: who is the father of her son, Jeremiah? Apparently, Inc went to her home and tried to take Jeremiah because he believes that he is Jeremiah’s father.  We need a paternity test immediately…