RHOP Reunion Recap: Mia Accuses Gordon of Emptying Her Account & Being Controlling, Robyn Cries Over Candiace’s Colorist Comments & Wendy Holds a Grudge Against Gizelle, Plus Chris Shuts Down Pregnancy Allegation

by Julia Comments

RHOP Reunion Recap: Mia Accuses Gordon of Emptying Her Account & Being Controlling, Robyn Cries Over Candiace's Colorist Comments & Wendy Holds a Grudge Against Gizelle, Plus Chris Shuts Down Pregnancy Allegation

On this reunion episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac, a paternity rumor is discussed until Karen puts an end to it out of respect for Mia‘s son. It seems like Candiace is done with the reconciliation conversations when it comes to Gizelle and Robyn, and when the husbands take to the set, it is noticed rather quickly that Juan has declined his invite. But it’s Gordon who leaves us hanging at the end, hinting at some juicy unknown information…

It’s interesting that Mia’s man, Inc, believes that Jeremiah is his son. Yes, the timeline of their affair could put Inc as the father, but Mia explains that she did IUI, so she KNOWS where the baby came from. Mia thinks that maybe Inc just wants Jeremiah to be his kid, and Karen jumps in to ask to move on out of respect for Jeremiah, who will eventually hear about this.

Mia asks Karen when she heard she was with (not a) rapper since Karen was the one who first brought Mia’s love life up. Gordon’s speech at the season finale did not seem as though they were divorcing, and this makes the others in the group raise their eyebrows. Funny how Robyn gets a ton of sh*t for not sharing what she is going through with Juan, yet here’s Mia just going through the motions… allowing Gordon to make a lovely speech about her.

Gizelle wonders if Gordon is mad about finances since perhaps Inc makes more money than him, but Mia explains that Inc has nothing to do with the separation. Mia states that this breakup has been coming based on Gordon’s anger and rash moves like emptying her bank account, forcing control over her. We learn that Gordon is in therapy now and is still not working, therefore Mia is helping him financially. Andy brings up the inheritance comment Mia made. Mia explains that she lost three grandparents and had some money. Mia states that she wished she knew Gordon was in such trouble financially when they got married because he certainly should not have been living that unsustainable lifestyle.

Mia cannot get a divorce until June of this year because they are up for sale in their businesses, and it is pointed out that Wendy and Candiace did not reach out to Mia as the news about her marriage broke. Wendy claims that when Gordon reached out to Eddie and Chris, he was there to “annihilate” Mia. Wendy promises that she has never once said what Gordon has said about Mia, and despite not being her best friend, she loves and respects her enough to stay out of it. Candiace admits that she could have reached out to see how Mia was doing, but she just didn’t want to get involved.

Mia lets us know that she has a penthouse apartment in Washington, D.C., and Gordon is currently living in Charlotte, but he will eventually move across the street from her. It seems like this can one day be a blended family.

After a break, Hotel Gizelle is the next storyline in the spotlight. Gizelle first clears up that she didn’t know Wendy’s mother was in the hospital when she called her evil, but Wendy doesn’t want to hear it. Gizelle’s dad was a great guy, and we got to know him on the show before his passing. Gizelle shares that only her dad supported her to go onto the show and that he always wanted to have a celebration of life when he died (only Robyn was in attendance). Thankfully, Gizelle was there when he took his last breath, and she thanks those who rallied around her.

Candiace breaks down with her cry-angle after hearing Gizelle talk about the loss of her father. She admits that she “feels for” Gizelle, and it proves that Candiace does have some emotion toward Gizelle. Speaking of emotion, Gizelle’s girls are doing great, especially Grace in college. Regarding being afraid for Grace going to school in Florida, Karen states that she is not responsible for Wendy and Candiace’s faces during that discussion. Candiace regrets that Gizelle would weaponize her kids against her, as she has done this before, and Wendy claims that she congratulated Gizelle about Grace going there, but Gizelle repeats over and over that it never happened.

When it comes to Jason, Gizelle is still having fun with him, even after Jason was seen kissing a mystery blonde. Apparently, their “relationship” is not that deep, as Jason and Gizelle can see whoever, so long as it’s not rubbed in each other’s faces, so to speak. Mia sort of outs Gizelle about a new man in her life who might be an athlete, but because the reunion is in NYC, Gizelle will be visiting Jason later.

There’s a lot to discuss with Candiace. She got a second opinion for the lump in her breast, and it turns out that it had shrunk so much that she didn’t have to do anything. The nine-city tour was incredible, and we find out that the reason Candiace didn’t want Drew Sidora opening for her is because of some bad blood.

Michael’s lawsuit against Candiace for defamation was dropped, and Ashley continues to claim that she did not know anything about this case, nor did she stand to get any financial gain from it. Candiace gets called out for internet behavior, and Robyn feels like Candiace’s tweets and articles were hypocritical. Candiace jumps in and clarifies the timeline. Those tweets were right after last year’s reunion. Candiace talks about the two messages Robyn ignored from her, so when the stuff came out about Robyn and the pay wall, Candiace snapped. She apologizes for hurting Robyn, and Robyn talks about how uncomfortable the colorism conversation was for her. Robyn states that she didn’t know how to navigate it since she never experienced that in her life. Robyn becomes so upset that she was accused of being a colorist, and then all of the stuff with Juan came out and everyone talked about that.

Candiace explains that talking about race and color is commonplace for HER, and she assumed that all of the women thought that way also. A clip was played showing that Candiace said, “I don’t believe any of my castmates are colorists,” and Wendy wonders when the conversation would shift and why they believe the phenomena exists. Karen says there’s no better group of Black women to represent, but Wendy wants to talk about the range. Nneka is out of the loop and tries to get filled in, but Andy interjects, understanding that there is nowhere this friendship can go.

During a break, Nneka talks about trying to be really good about staying quiet on social media, so she is looking forward to having her time on the reunion. The husbands enter, minus Juan, and Iyke is decked to the nines. Happy Eddie explains that his business is going well, and we learn what Mia meant when she said she was the “other girl” on guys’ trips. She explains that she has seen the girlfriend side of things, and the wife side of things…

Chris wasn’t around a lot this season (by design), and Candiace explains that it’s because he’s uncomfortable around the group of women. Chris is tired of talking about it, and since the reunion, he is over it. The rumors have been reckless and wild, especially from a woman who claimed to have had an affair with Chris, said she had an abortion, and then said she made the whole thing up. Kind of fishy, and it leaves you wondering if Candiace paid the lady off due to the quick retraction. Robyn asks if this strange woman whom Chris swears he has never met photoshopped screenshots, and Candiace says that she is so distrusting of the group and wouldn’t put it past Gizelle for making this whole thing up. Chris shuts Gizelle down, and jaws drop on the couches.

Juan’s absence speaks volumes, but the husbands make no comment when asked how they feel about it. Andy wonders why it’s important they come to support their wives, and Gordon states that he was coming to support his wife (well, soon-to-be-ex-wife). Gordon says he looks forward to addressing his relationship, and then goes on to say, “I wanna share something with you that some of you may have suspected, but many of you probably don’t know…” *to be continued*