Identity of Monica Garcia’s 29-Yr-Old Boyfriend is Revealed as Braxton Knight, and How They Met as RHOSLC Alum Reacts to Backlash After Pregnancy News

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The Identity of Monica Garcia’s Boyfriend is Revealed as Braxton Knight, and How They Met as RHOSLC Alum Reacts to Backlash From Fans

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Things have quieted down for Monica Garcia, 39, since season four of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City ended, and her name was on everyone’s lips. However, she once again made headlines when she went on a podcast and announced her pregnancy. At first, it was widely unknown who the father was. Now, though, he has been revealed to be a man named Braxton Knight, who is 29.

Monica already has four kids, and their ages range from six to 18. As people who watched her on RHOSLC know, Monica hasn’t always had the easiest life. This is especially true considering her relationship with her mother.

Now, The Daily Mail is reporting that Braxton is the father of Monica’s unborn child. The two met while she was filming scenes for Housewives. He happens to be an outdoor enthusiast.

Despite not revealing his name, Monica let it be known that he was seeing someone else when they met, but they were not serious.

She said, “When we had a break [from filming, I went over to him, and I was like, ‘Do you have a girlfriend?'” 

Monica continues, “And he said, ‘No, I’m dating someone.’ I said, ‘Yeah, I heard you’re courting! But you’re not exclusive?’ And he’s like, ‘No.'”

Monica then reveals that it was then that she put her number in his phone. Their relationship went on for more than a year without people finding out. She went on to say that Braxton was “floored” to find out he was going to be a dad.

Despite the good news, Monica has been getting a bit of hate online since the announcement. Quite a few fans joked about her ability to be a mother and questioned if she’s financially stable enough to raise another child.

She took to Instagram and posted a video with the caption, “🩷🩵 Yes. I already have four girls. No. I was not planning on being 39 and going through the baby stage again, but unexpectedly here I am. For everyone making hateful comments and judging me as a mother, immediately deleted and blocked. I will not intake the negativity coming at me over a baby. To everyone else, THANK YOU🩵🩷”

Besides the backlash, many agree that now would be a great time for Bravo to add Monica back to the show. Not only do fans want an actual resolution from last season, but many want to see her life as an expectant mother for the fifth time.