VIDEO: Lesa Hints at Marriage Troubles in RHODubai Season 2 Trailer as She Also Ruffles Feathers With Chanel, Plus Caroline & Chanel Form New Friendship, Sara Introduces New Man, and Taleen & Saba Join Show

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VIDEO: Lesa Hints at Marriage Troubles and Ruffles Feathers With Ayan in RHODubai Season 2 Trailer! Plus Caroline & Ayan Form New Friendship, as Sara Introduces New Man, Plus 2 Ladies Join Show

Credit: Chris Haston/Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Bravo has already teased the second season of The Real Housewives of Dubai. However, fans wanted more, and now the full trailer is here.

The show stars Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Sara Al Madani, Lesa Mila, Caroline Stanbury, and newbie Taleen Marie. Unfortunately, Nina is no longer on the show. Fans are excited for the new season because many of the ladies have done a solid job of staying in the public eye during the break and keeping people’s interests up. 

Season one of RHODubai premiered on Bravo in June 2022. As many will recall, there was a great deal of controversy surrounding Bravo filming the show given some of the country’s laws. However, the show gained a following despite not having the highest ratings. 

Now, after months of teasing fans about the new season, Bravo has finally unleashed the trailer, and it offers everything viewers want from a Real Housewives trailer. There’s lightheartedness, there’s drama, and it also shows Caroline going through the process of potentially getting pregnant partly because she wants to make her husband happy. 

Caroline can also be heard asking Sergio Carrallo if not having a baby is a deal breaker, to which he replies, “I want a baby.”

Fans can also see the ladies wonder if something is going on with Lesa’s home life as she doesn’t seem like herself. From the trailer, it looks like this might be a significant part of the season. There also seems to be a change in some of the friendship dynamics with Caroline and Chanel getting closer to each other. 

The trailer also shows quite a bit of the beauty of Dubai, which is one of the aspects that sets the show apart from other Housewives entries.  

The new season of RHODubai starts on Sunday, June 2. Then, episodes will begin airing on Tuesdays starting June 11. People who have not watched the first season can catch up on Peacock.