Tom Schwartz Addresses Lala and Katie’s Falling Out, Says Lala Got “Tired of Her S**t,” Plus How He Met Girlfriend Sophia Skoro & Their Age Gap

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Tom Schwartz Addresses Lala and Katie's Falling Out, Says Lala Got “Tired of Her S**t” and Received “A Little Dose” of What He Experienced in Marriage, Hints at His and Katie's “Week-Long Argument[s]”

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Tom Schwartz addressed Lala Kent’s falling out with his ex-wife Katie Maloney, saying Lala got “tired of [Katie’s] s**t,” and she received a “little dose” of what Schwartz experienced in their marriage. He also hinted at his and Katie’s “week-long argument[s].”

On a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Katie was bothered that Lala had lunch with Schwartz’s ex-fling Jo Wenberg, and Katie suggested that none of her friends should be talking to her. But Lala refused to back down, despite Katie’s obvious displeasure.

“I think I’m closer than I’ve ever been with Lala,” said Schwartz on the Viall Files podcast, via @byewighellodrama on Instagram. “…I’m shocked with how things unraveled with Katie and Lala … because they were really tight.”

“Lala and Katie were really good friends,” he explained. “I think Lala just got tired of her s**t … I think Lala got a little dose of some the stuff I experienced with Katie … She does demand unconditional loyalty. When she’s upset with someone, she expects you to be upset with them too and to cut them out of your life. And I think that was something that caused a lot of friction in our relationship.”

According to Schwartz, when Katie was “mad” at someone during their marriage, if Schwartz ever “had a laugh” with the person, Katie would later confront him at home, asking why he was speaking to them.

“And then it like turns into a week-long argument,” he shared.

He also addressed his romance with girlfriend Sophia Skoro, revealing they met “on a whim” at his TomTom bar. Schwartz said the romance happened despite his determination to stay single for “two years” after his split with Katie.

Schwartz also claimed Sophia “overlooks all my baggage,” and he addressed their 17-year age gap. According to Tom, it would be “gross” if he were a “lecherous old man trolling bars,” but they just “bumped into each other” and “hit it off.”