RHODubai Star Chanel Ayan Reveals She’s Been Blocked by Lesa Milan After They Seemingly Unfollow Each Other on Instagram Amid Rift, Plus Fans React

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RHODubai Stars Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan Unfollow Each Other on Instagram, but Chanel Says She was Blocked

Credit: Instagram

Season two of The Real Housewives of Dubai isn’t that far off, but it seems Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan are getting the drama started early. Recently, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the two were no longer following each other on Instagram. However, it seems Lesa may have blocked Chanel instead of unfollowing each other.

As fans know, both Chanel and Lesa joined RHODubai for its first season and are returning for season two. They were close friends on the show. However, there seemed to be trouble in paradise at BravoCon in November. Notably, Chanel says their friendship is over in the trailer for the second season. 

Luckily, the Queens of Bravo Instagram account reposted the below receipts of the two RHODubai stars no longer following each other. It originally came from a fan account for the show. 

The post includes a response from none other than Chanel where she says, “I didn’t know I was blocked.” This implies that she didn’t unfollow Lesa but was instead blocked. Despite this, it seems they haven’t been following each other for a while now.

One fan in the comments pointed out, “This happened long ago, but I do hope they can reconcile 😢 I was shocked more people weren’t at the Dubai panel at Bravocon because it was lit 🔥”

Another person said, “Yeah, they been unfollowed each other. Ayan really severed her friendship with Lesa for Stanbury, in which Lesa got into it with her because of Ayan😮‍💨😮‍💨”

There are quite a few RHODubai fans who are upset about these two falling out. Both happen to be fan favorites, and it’s their friendship on the show that helped make it pop in season one. However, it seems their issues will probably play out in the upcoming season, as their falling out was referenced in the trailer. Hopefully, they can mend whatever went wrong.

See the RHODubai season two trailer below:

The show returns to Bravo on Sunday, June 2, before moving to its normal night on Tuesday, June 11.