Vanderpump Rules Recap: Scheana Urges Sandoval to Apologize to Ariana Over Mental Health Comment, Lala Disinvites Sandoval From Birthday, and Schwartz Makes Sexual Proposition to Katie as Daniel Joins Ariana on Cast Trip

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Vanderpump Rules Recap: Scheana Urges Sandoval to Apologize to Ariana Over Mental Health Comment, Lala Disinvites Sandoval From Birthday, and Schwartz Makes Sexual Proposition to Katie as Daniel Joins Ariana on Cast Trip

In case you were wondering, Something About Her is STILL not open, and Sandoval is STILL trying to worm (with a mustache) his way back into the group. On this episode of Vanderpump Rules, a trip to San Francisco makes for some awkward times considering Ariana has decided to bring her new boyfriend, Dan, along for the ride. The lighter moments are appreciated, like a rekindling of a Tom/Tom bromance and Lalas 33rd birthday party that leaves many blushing. But mainly, it’s Scheana‘s wishy-washy ways that need to be checked, as she once again chooses to befriend Sandoval.

Although Something About Her has yet to open its doors, Ann, Sandoval’s ex-assistant, is manning the mess — I mean, shop. Between the code violations and the demolition, it’s questionable when the place is actually going to open. LVP pays Katie and Ariana (and Ann) a visit at SAH, and Ariana explains that she didn’t quite *steal* Ann from Sandoval. Right.

LVP gives Katie and Ariana a reality check about an opening date, particularly because they are no longer speaking to Penny, their COO and head of the back of house. According to the girls, Penny was supposed to be receiving a salary and 10% of the profit from the business, but they are wondering if they should part ways with her now that she is looking for more of a role. LVP is not thrilled with this potential decision, as Penny could really help them have a successful restaurant.

Scheana is busy getting the low down about her upcoming performance at Kyle Chan’s big event in San Francisco. Sandoval enters the room, making for an awkward interaction, considering how that duo left off last. Sandoval pretends to be like a “free manager” for the event, and he acts like it is a gift for Kyle, as he has been there for Sandoval throughout the entire Scandoval ordeal. Kyle shares his fears about Scheana and Sandoval’s recent blowout, and Sandoval tells Scheana her song is not the end of the world, but it did rock him. Scheana emotionally explains that she “had to choose a side,” and it was so hard since Sandoval was always there for her. Kyle wants the group to stop “torturing” Sandoval, and Scheana lets Sandoval know that she misses him. She DOES know that Ariana will see this eventually, right?

Lala is caught off guard when she FaceTimes Sandoval to be sure he knows he is not invited to her birthday party. She can’t believe that Scheana would be in his presence after his behavior at James and Ally‘s house, but Lala gets right to the point of her cringey phone call. Sandoval is aware that he wasn’t invited and knows that he is not welcome. He laughs it off, considering he is beyond used to it these days.

Lala’s party is at a burlesque event. She believes that each year she gets more and more bada*s, and she has invited quite the crew, including Heather McDonald. As the burlesque show begins, Brock gets uncomfortable, considering his Mormon past (who knew?!), and Lala wonders out loud why Scheana was with Sandoval earlier in the day. This causes Ariana to raise her eyebrows, especially as Scheana lets the group know Sandoval apologized to her and that she truly misses him. Ariana is feeling “gaslit” by all of this, and she wonders why Scheana would want to be friends with him when he constantly treats her like crap.

It is refreshing to see Ariana smiling, and that is because she’s got her new man, Dan, by her side. Ariana is having a good time exploring this long-distance relationship, and she is thrilled to be having him join her on the trip to San Fran. Ariana warns Dan about “her ex,” and he seems like he isn’t concerned with him. Ariana talks about how much they’ve gotten to know one another, but Dan is a bit wary of moving to the West Coast.

Later, it’s yet another Sandoval “show,” and the backstage crew is something else. We’ve got Schwartz, Sandoval’s mom, and James… talk about random. Sandoval is happy to see that suddenly people are having fun at his shows, instead of chucking rotten tomatoes at him while he “performs.” Jo is in the audience with Schwartz after their friend break, which TBH could not have been that long. Schwartz jokingly asks Jo how many guys she’s banged, and he admits that he misses her energy around him. He makes it clear that they are JUST friends, despite all of the mixed signals, and he is happy she will be heading to SF, too.

Of course, Lala thinks things seem off with Ariana’s new man, considering he is dating Ariana after she left her man of 10 years. What path SHOULD Ariana be taking then?! Sandoval is “intrigued” by Dan, but he realizes that he has to make things easy and pleasant on this trip, even though he is tempted to fill Dan in on all of Ariana’s flaws, the way SHE did when she met one of Sandoval’s potential suitors. For a girl who says she doesn’t care about Sandoval, Ariana sure does talk about her “ex-boyfriend” a lot to Dan.

Before heading out for a boat ride, the Toms take a minute to reset. Things were a bit rocky, but Sandoval is looking forward to getting back involved in the business. Schwartz also lets Sandoval know that he is down for being his roommate, despite the steep rent Sandoval proposed.

While on the boat, Sandoval reminisces about his first trip to San Francisco with Ariana back in 2014. Almost on symbolic cue, the boat ride becomes super rocky and everyone looks ill, until things get smoother as they head under the Golden Gate Bridge and cruise past Alcatraz. Once they make it back to land, Ariana refers to Sandoval as “scenery” and has learned to simply ignore him. Brock tells Ariana to work on the good things going on around her, but she reminds him that she does not have to forgive anyone “who has traumatized” her. Ariana is over everyone telling her how to get her power back.

Whoa — I didn’t realize how long Dan’s hair actually is. While she is gone, he irons Ariana’s clothes, but he puts his foot down when it comes to heading to dinner with the gang. It is kinda strange that he came all the way to San Francisco and isn’t really even hanging out with Ariana.

The Roaring Twenties dinner party organized by Scheana and Brock is underway, and Schwartz is thrilled to be himself around certain females in the group, particularly Katie and Ariana. Katie admits that she is now friends with Schwartz, but when Schwartz suggests that he and Katie have a one-night stand, she looks like she saw a ghost. But it’s not what you think. He wants to order junk food, scroll aimlessly on phones, and not talk to each other — much like it used to do in their relationship.

Sandoval creeps over to Scheana and suggests they go “check out the view.” He knows that she is his only way back into the group, and he is essentially preying on her kindness. He talks her through the upcoming performance, and Scheana explains she has never once done a sound-check or rehearsed for a show. Regarding Ariana’s new boyfriend, Sandoval explains that he was always worried about Ariana’s mental state, and so she may be able to handle this situation better with someone by her side.

Scheana points out that Sandoval has weaponized Ariana’s mental health months earlier and asks him if he would be willing to apologize to Ariana for that behavior. Scheana reminds Sandoval that Ariana didn’t freeze her eggs, buy a house, or go to couples therapy just for herself. She wants Sandoval to sit with those things and realize HE was the one who screwed up. Sandoval is grateful for Scheana (and their talks), and they hug things out for entirely too long, which is a far cry from the way last week’s episode ended…