Brandi Glanville Says She Put Andy Cohen “On Notice” After He is Cleared of Allegations, Plus She Reacts to Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL, See Her Posts

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Brandi Glanville Says No Lawsuit Has Been Won Against Her After Andy Cohen is Cleared of Allegations, Plus She Reacts to Lisa Vanderpump on WWHL, See Her Posts

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Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville hasn’t had the best couple of years, and things don’t seem to be improving for her.

This is partially because Bravo investigators have found that the claims she and other former Housewives star Leah McSweeney made against Andy Cohen were unfounded. Now, she’s clapping back at fans and bloggers who she says haven’t done their research on the situation. Plus, she seemingly watches Watch What Happens Live as she responded on X to Lisa Vanderpump‘s recent appearance. 

Fans will recall that Brandi issued a letter detailing how she felt about her interactions with Andy as well as exposing her time filming for the network. This came after Caroline Manzo accused Brandi of sexual assault while they worked on the still-unseen Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip season. However, she never sued despite threatening to do so.  

Now, she has reacted on X to fans taking Andy being cleared of the various allegations as her losing a lawsuit against him or the network. 

Brandi said on the platform, “I honestly am in shock that people don’t do their homework. No lawsuit has been won against me over my allegations against Andy. I’ve only sent a letter putting them on notice. I HAVENT EVEN FILED MY lawsuit yet.


Of course, it’s unclear what she may file a lawsuit over, as Andy has been cleared of the things she accused him of. However, she has said that she wants the season of RHUGT to be seen so that the public will know what happened, so maybe she thinks she can sue to force the network’s hand. 

In other Brandi news, she recently reacted to Lisa being on Watch What Happens Live. She said, “If you’re watching watch happens live, now you know why Lisa vanderpump & I were besties back in the day.” 

It’s hard to know what she meant, but perhaps her statements came because Lisa has a very brash and honest way of speaking, and she didn’t hold back in commenting on her former co-stars from RHOBH. Of course, Lisa and Brandi have been feuding for years now. 

Only time will tell where Brandi goes from here. On the one hand, it is difficult for many fans to have sympathy for her as she has torn down so many people in the past. However, her name has essentially been cleared in the Caroline situation, but she’s still dealing with many of the consequences.