Reza Farahan Says He “Regrets” Letting Jill Zarin Into His Life and Slams Her as a B**ch After Starring on ‘The GOAT’ Together

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Shah’s of Sunset Alum Reza Farahan Says He "Regrets" Letting Jill Zarin Into His Life and Slams Her as a B**ch After Starring on 'The GOAT' Together

Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo, Instagram

The Real Housewives of New York alum Jill Zarin recently made news after she appeared on Below Deck. Since then, her behavior while on the boat has been criticized by the crew and fans. Now, she’s also being called out by Shahs of Sunset alum Reza Farahan after they appeared on The GOAT, which is a competition reality series on Amazon Prime. 

The GOAT, which premiered earlier this month, features 14 reality stars and sees them competing in different challenges throughout its run. Daniel Tosh hosts the show, and it features people from shows such as Survivor, Housewives, and RuPaul’s Drag Race. 

It seems Jill may have made a few more enemies while filming the show. According to Heavy, Reza is no longer a fan of the RHONY alum, whom he knew before starting the competition reality show. In an interview with Us Weekly, he says, “I usually don’t lead with regrets in my life, I hate that emotion. I regret letting Jill into my life. At the time, it was how I felt. And honestly, Jill is a little bit of a b***h.”

He went on to say that while filming, Jill “acted like a beast in the house.” He also says her behavior  was “a little off-putting.”

Reza then says if he had “not had a relationship with Jill coming into the house, it probably would have benefited me greatly.”

He also gives some advice for dealing with people like Jill. He says, “Here’s my advice to people. If you’re going to be on a competition show, watch out for the old lady on the show. She probably might do you dirty at the end. That’s some training for you. There you go.”

In a separate interview with Pride Today, he goes on to compare living with her to being in a bazaar in Iran. He says, “Jill made me feel like I was back in a bazaar in Iran. She kept trying to whip out her wares and sell them to you, and she was complaining the whole time. It was a bit much for me.”

Jill also did an interview with Pride Today where she said, “haven’t seen the whole season, I kind of lived it. I love Reza, I adore him, and if I hurt his feelings at all, I feel terrible. But there’s no manual to how to do this thing.”

It’s not hard for RHONY fans to believe Jill may have given Reza a hard time. Though a fan favorite from the earlier seasons, Jill has never come off as the easiest person to get along with. Fans can stream The GOAT on Prime. 

The trailer for The GOAT is below.