REPORT: Jax Taylor’s Bar Was Investigated by Health Department for ‘Changing Diapers on Bar’ and Other Complaints as Details Are Revealed

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REPORT: Jax Taylor’s Restaurant is Being Investigated by the Health Department for ‘Changing Diapers on Bar’ After Numerous Complaints as Details Are Revealed

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Things haven’t been the greatest for The Valley stars Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. The two are separated, and there’s been a massive volume of information coming out about their split. Now reports are surfacing that his bar was investigated due to complaints of them changing diapers on the bar. There have also been other complaints about the restaurant and bar.

Fans will recall that The Valley star opened Jax Studio City back in October. He also had help from Brittany as they were still together at the time. However, no new restaurant is without issues, and this one is proof. 

According to The Sun, the Department of Public Health got a complaint from a customer who alleged that Jax was changing diapers on the bar. Because of this, there was an inspection on April 16 that didn’t observe that behavior going on. 

After conducting the inspection, the agent noted, “The complaint was not observed. No one in the facility was changing diapers in the bar at the time of the inspection. Discussed with owner that employees and customers are not allowed to change baby diapers in the bar counter or on tables. It is the owner’s responsibility to enforce this. Owner demonstrated understanding.”

As of right now, the investigation into the matter at Jax’s restaurant has been closed. There were also no actions taken against the restaurant, as they found no wrongdoing. 

However, it is important to point out that the video of Jax changing a diaper on the bar does exist, and his The Valley co-star, Jasmine Goode, posted it. Not only that but it was posted mere days before the investigation. Naturally, this sparked outrage because it’s in no way sanitary, and it’s hard to imagine how Jax thought it was a good idea.  

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Other complaints were also cited against the bar including one about their homemade beer cheese. Mamaw’s Beer Cheese, which was first mentioned on Vanderpump Rules. It is apparently served at the restaurant with a warm pretzel.

The complainant claimed that the beer cheese was being “made off premises,” while being sold at the restaurant, and that the “kitchen doesn’t even have recipe for allergies.”

The investigation into BeerCheeseGate was ultimately conducted and closed in December 2023, during which a health inspector said they observed “one container of beer cheese stored in the walk-in cooler” and an “invoice was provided for the cheese spread.”

The official noted that “at the time of the investigation, the manager stated the beer cheese is made on site.”

“The manager did not have a recipe card for the beer cheese but informed Environmental Health Specialist beer cheese is made with sharp cheddar cheese spread that is purchased through Amazon or Angie’s Wholesale.”

Aside from the controversy, the restaurant doesn’t have great ratings. It currently has a 3.7 out of 5 on Google Reviews. 

But despite everything, the restaurant/bar did have a re-inspection on May 1, 2024, during which they got an overall grade of an “A” after scoring 94 out of 100 points. This is reportedly the highest grade a restaurant can receive.