The Valley’s Jax Taylor Shares Texts From Brittany Cartwright Amid Model Drama as Brittany Suggests He Created “Negative Narrative” About Her, Hints at ‘Horrific’ Mental Abuse, & Claps Back at Son Criticism

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The Valley's Jax Taylor Leaks Texts From Brittany Cartwright Amid Model Drama as Brittany Suggests He Created "Negative Narrative" About Her, Hints at 'Horrific' Mental Abuse, & Claps Back at Son Criticism

Jax Taylor leaked a series of text messages he received from his estranged wife, Brittany Cartwright, on his Instagram Story on Tuesday after his controversial outings with model Paige Woolen.

Brittany, 35, also took to her Instagram account and suggested she sustained “horrific” mental abuse from Jax, 44, who has recently been seen lashing out against her on The Valley. She also reacted to criticism about their son, three-year-old Cruz, and she contacted Jax about their little boy.

“Send me a pic of him [please],” Brittany requested in a message posted to Jax’s Story.

“Those shoes okay?” he asked, along with the requested image.

“Yea,” Brittany replied.

Then, after Jax asked her if she was “okay with [his] outfit,” Brittany said their child looked “so handsome” and asked, “Did he get a nap in?”

In the caption of his Instagram Story post, Jax added, “Even though [mom’s] away for work we still get the outfit approval!”

Vanderpump Rules Jax Taylor Shares Texts From Brittany Cartwright Amid Model Drama

Meanwhile, in the comments section of one of her latest Instagram posts, Brittany reacted to a fan who suggested that Jax had painted her in a negative light on The Valley.

“All of these comments hating on you are exactly why you need to stay apart from Jax. He really created a whole negative narrative about you on television which is the exact opposite of what a good partner should do, especially since you’ve spent so many seasons trying to change his narrative to a positive one,” the person wrote.

After “liking” the comment, Brittany agreed, “I don’t understand how people don’t see what he was doing. Thank you.”

She also “liked” a comment that read, “I think she is a very strong person. Think about it, she walked away from a home she loved and [helped] create that HOME for her child. It must have been horrific, the mental abuse she suffered. People don’t just walk [away] from all they love if not for [the] safety of her child and mental health. Go Brittany, go! We got you!!”

Vanderpump Rules Brittany Cartwright Hints She Suffered Horrific Mental Abuse From Jax

Also on Instagram, Brittany came across a post in which Jax was seen with his arm around Paige at Jeremy Madix‘s birthday celebration at Jax’s Studio City, where Paige, 32, joked that she was “pregnant.”

“Jax date Paige says ‘and I’m pregnant’ after someone takes a photo in the last slide. WEIRD JOKE, GIRL. So Jax is dating around, I guess? Brittany did say they were free to date other people,” the Bravo Babe wrote in the caption of their screenshot.

After the sharing of the screenshot of Jax and Paige, one commenter spoke of Cruz.

“He should probably be worried about his child [who] clearly is struggling with autism instead [of girlies]. They could do a lot for the community and it sucks watching them run around and deny when your kids flapping, lining up blocks and nonverbal,” they stated.

Understandably, Brittany was furious that her son had been dragged into her and Jax’s messy split.

“How dare you ever say that! I’m the one taking him to speech therapy twice a week and OT appointments scheduling all of his doctors visits working with him every single day and night I am with him all of the time doing everything I can. LEAVE MY SON OUT OF THIS RIDICULOUS SH*T how dare you all!?” she replied. “He is a perfect innocent child do not speak about things you have no idea about just because you see 30 mins of a show that was recorded last summer!!! Keep my son’s name out of your mouths. ENOUGH.”

Vanderpump Rules Brittany Cartwright slams Critic for Mentioning Nonverbal Son

She then shared an additional comment on her Story.

“You guys can reel in the drama of my life I don’t care but leave my [innocent son’s] name out of it!!! Don’t act like you know anything about him watching 30 mins of a show recorded last summer. I do everything I possibly can for him so how dare some of you!? ENOUGH he is a perfect and innocent child and I will not have strangers acting like they know what’s going on in his life. Talk about me talk about his father I don’t care but enough is enough!!!!!” she declared.

The Valley Brittany Cartwright Claps Back at Critical Comments About Son

The Valley was renewed for a second season earlier this year.