Brittany Cartwright Reacts After Jax Taylor’s Date With Model Paige Woolen, Suggests He Treated Her Much Worse “Behind Closed Doors,” and Admits They Struggle to Be in “the Same Room”

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Brittany Cartwright Reacts to Jax Taylor Hanging Out With Model Paige Woolen, Suggests He Treated Her Much Worse "Behind Closed Doors," and Addresses His Comment About Her ‘Drinking’ on the Valley

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Brittany Cartwright claims Jax Taylor treated her worse off-camera than he did on The Valley.

As Jax, 44, faces backlash for his harsh treatment of Brittany, 35, and insinuation that her drinking might be a problem, Brittany has taken to her Instagram Story with a couple of telling messages shared with her fans and followers, one of which seemed to come in reaction to Jax’s recent outing with model Paige Woolen, 32.

On May 26, Brittany shared a clip of a woman reacting to Jax’s behavior on their show.

“He brought his family onto this show and this is what he’s doing to her? He’s choosing to present her in that kind of light and treat her like that. This is what he’s doing to her in front of everybody,” the woman asked, as seen in a video shared by You Know Nat on Instagram. “That was your plan for the TV show?”

The woman also suspected, “I think she’s sick all the time because she’s treated terribly and she’s in a bad relationship and she knows there’s nothing she can do to make it any better.”

“Thank you, [and] just imagine what I’ve been through behind closed doors,” Brittany, who separated from Jax in February, replied.

The Valley Brittany Cartwright Suggests She's Been Through More With Jax Taylor

Hours later, and as photos hit the web of Jax and Paige enjoying a three-hour lunch, Brittany returned to social media with another message.

“Girl, you have no idea how amazing life is about to get for you. Stay focused [and] trust the process,” it read.

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Meanwhile, on the May 24 episode of When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany, via Us Weekly, Brittany admitted that things between her and Jax were no longer cordial and that their relationship is “not great.”

“Right now…I can’t even be in the same room with him very long,” she told guest Tom Schwartz, 40. “Last time you were here…you were like, ‘I forgot you guys were even separated.’ So it’s very up and down like that.”

After Schwartz said he believed she and Jax were “[doing] a good job of respecting each other’s boundaries,” Brittany denied that was the case.

“He hasn’t done a good job respecting mine, that’s for sure,” she shared. “But we gotta remember I’m the one that’s living elsewhere and… I feel like I’m the one that’s taking all the hard hits even though I was the one who had to leave.”

Brittany also addressed Jax’s suggestion that she could have a drinking problem, which he aired on last week’s episode of The Valley.

“Jax was just going in, like ‘I bet she’s drinking, I bet she’s drinking,’ and I wasn’t. All my friends were like, ‘no she’s not’ and he was kinda putting me down in front of all of my friends,” she recalled. “That’s one thing you’ve probably seen in our relationship. Jax doesn’t care to fight with me in front of people.”

“I came busting out of that room, they had a boom on me in two seconds and I just spewed out my heart,” she added of lashing out against Jax’s claims.

Still, despite the tension between them, Schwartz praised them for keeping a united front for their three-year-old son, Cruz.

“I’ve never seen an ounce of toxicity around Cruz, which I admire,” he said.

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