Brittany Cartwright Reveals If Jax Taylor Cheated, Shades Him as a “Liar” and Shares Why They Announced Split as They Are Photographed Outside of Her Rental Home Ahead of ‘The Valley’ Premiere

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Brittany Cartwright Reveals "Truth" Behind Split From Jax, Talks "Big Fight," and Shades Him as a "Liar" as They Reunite at Her Rental Home and Kristen Teases The Valley

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Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor sat down for their first post-separation interview on Monday. And while discussing the split, Brittany spoke candidly about what led up to their breakup, dishing on a “big fight” and slamming her estranged husband as the “number one liar” of their friend group.

While promoting the debut season of their Vanderpump Rules spinoff, The Valley, Brittany, 35, looked back on the many disputes she had with Jax, 44, and explained how their two-year-old son Cruz impacted her decision to move out as co-star Kristen Doute, 41, said she’s excited for fans to meet her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, 32, on the show.

“I know Jax doesn’t really want to talk about it much, but the truth is that we’ve just been fighting and not on the same page for a while now, and it was just becoming a negative space in our own house, and I just don’t want that for my son. I don’t want him growing up thinking it’s normal to live like that,” Brittany explained on E! News on Monday.

“Jax did not cheat on me, but we got into a very big fight, and I decided to pack up my stuff, and I’ve been staying at an Airbnb since January 24,” she continued. “It was a while before we announced.”

According to Brittany, she only went public with her and Jax’s separation after rumors began swirling online.

“It just felt like I needed to get ahead of it and let people know this is real and I’m doing it for my mental space, and I feel very strong with my decision to get out for a while,” she shared.

Brittany then slammed Jax as the “number one liar,” telling him, “Raise your hand, boy,” when asked to name which cast member of The Valley the honor went to.

Although Jax was also asked about their separation, he wouldn’t say much.

“I don’t really have much fight in me. We’re separated. We’re trying to work it out. That’s pretty much all I’m gonna say on that,” he stated. “I’ve gotta do what’s best for my son. He’s number one, and we both agree on that. It’s about just knowing that he’s got two loving parents that love him to death, and he’s gonna have the best life possible whether we are together or we’re not.”

As for what fans will see from The Valley season one, Jax admitted that he and Brittany were “not getting along” during production.

“But for the most part, you’re gonna see a really cool show,” he teased.

Also during the E! News appearance, Kristen spoke of her romance with Luke.

“Luke and I are going strong. We don’t have the number of years that some of these marriages have and we’re not married yet, but I’m excited for people to get to meet Luke,” she revealed. “He’s been in my life for close to two years now and it’s exciting to let people in on my real life and what’s happening since it’s been so many years since we’ve been on TV.”

In other The Valley news, Page Six recently shared photos of Brittany and Jax outside of her Airbnb in Sherman Oaks.

On Friday, Jax, in a black sweatshirt, jeans, and a black hat, was seen accompanying Brittany, who wore jeans and a black blazer, as she carried a handful of mail and clothing into her new place and took her trash bins back into her yard.

The Valley season one premieres tonight, March 19, on Bravo.