PHOTOS: Vanderpump Rules’ Kristen Doute Debuts New Boyfriend Luke Broderick and Seemingly Shades Ex Alex Menache, See Pics of the New Couple

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 PHOTOS: Vanderpump Rules Alum Kristen Doute Debuts New Man Broderick and Seemingly Shades Ex Alex Menache, See Pics of the New Couple

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Kristen Doute opened up about her new man, Luke Broderick, on Lala Kent‘s podcast, Give Them Lala, last week. And on Tuesday, she shared photos of their initial encounter on her Instagram page.

Following the launch of her own new podcast, Sex, Love, and What Else Matters (on which Luke just so happens to act as co-host), the Vanderpump Rules star posted pics of her and Luke at their friends’ wedding in Colorado, where they hit it off and “had sex behind a tent.”

“[She] ain’t afraid to take chances and wears her heart on her sleeve,” Kristen wrote in the caption of a slideshow of photos from the event, which featured her as a bridesmaid and him as a groomsman, on December 20.

During her chat on Lala’s podcast last week, after opening up about her devastating split from Alex Menache, who she intended to marry and have children with, Kristen looked back on her first meeting with Luke.

“Luke’s great. Luke, you know, it just sort of fell into my lap after my last breakup. We became friends at my girlfriend’s wedding. We walked down the aisle together as bridesmaids/groomsmen,” she recalled. “I made Luke, essentially like my handler for the weekend. I’m like, ‘You’re groomsman, and you are going to just make sure that I have my sh-t together because I kind of don’t right now.’”

Weeks later, after days upon days of hours-long phone calls and visits, Kristen said she and Luke hadn’t yet confirmed their romance with a title.

“It’s my choice, but we’re dating. He knows I’m not seeing anyone else, and I’m not going on dates with anyone else… [And] he’s fine with the fact that I haven’t been quite ready to say, ‘I’m checking the box, you are my boyfriend,’” she explained.

In the comments section of Kristen’s post, she was met with comments from fans, one of which appeared to shade Alex.

“You’ll make cuter babies with this one,” the message note.

“[I] couldn’t agree more,” Kristen replied.

Vanderpump Rules Kristen Doute Shades Alex Menache, Luke is Cuter

Then, after another person told Kristen she looked “super happy” and gave a nod to her and Luke’s wedding hookup, asking, “Was this before or after the behind the tent excursion,” Kristen confirmed it was “a few hours before.”

Vanderpump Rules Kristen Doute on Tent Hookup With Luke

Kristen was featured in a full-time role on Vanderpump Rules from season one to season eight.