Kristen Doute Discusses the ‘Huge Mistake’ She Made With Ex Alex, Hoping Vanderpump Rules Gets Canceled, and New Romance With Podcast Co-Host Luke, Plus Talks Carter, Sandoval

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Kristen Doute Discusses the 'Huge Mistake' She Made With Ex Alex, Hoping Vanderpump Rules Gets Canceled, and New Romance With Podcast Co-Host Luke, Plus Talks Carter, Sandoval

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Kristen Doute appeared on Lala Kent‘s podcast earlier this week, where she looked back on her past relationships with the likes of Alex Menache, Brian Carter, and Tom Sandoval and confirmed her new romance with podcast co-host Luke Broderick.

In addition to revealing if she’ll be tuning into the upcoming 10th season of Vanderpump Rules and admitting to hoping the series will be canceled, Kristen said that when it came to her relationship with Alex, she was all in — for better or for worse.

“I put all of my eggs into that f-cking basket,” Kristen admitted on the December 14 episode of Give Them Lala. “I cared about him. But in hindsight, I saw a goal and I wanted to achieve that goal and that goal was, ‘I’m getting married, I’m having a baby. I’m too old for this sh-t. I’m selling my house and moving into his house.'”

Kristen also quit smoking to prove to Alex that she was “ready to get pregnant.” And, while she’s glad she did, it didn’t solve their issues.

“I just kept going, ‘It’s okay. We’re gonna be okay once we get pregnant, once we get married, everything’s gonna be okay. I’m gonna be the person he wants me to be.’ And that was like a huge f-cking mistake,” she confessed.

Looking back, Kristen said she’s “very grateful” that Alex broke up with her.

As her former castmates prepare for the upcoming premiere of Pump Rules season 10, which wrapped production months ago, Kristen told Lala she’s unsure if she’ll tune in, saying that she watched just two episodes of season nine.

“I want to watch to support my friends that are on it, but I just… It’s FOMO,” she explained before adding that she’s actually gone “back and forth” about watching the show because it is much different than it was when she was on it.

“I feel like I’ll know from either [Lala] or [Katie Maloney] or even [Scheana Shay], like, ‘Oh, I should watch that episode,'” Kristen continued. “Like Scheana’s wedding. I was there, but I missed a lot of it. So I’d like to see some of the stuff that I missed. But to sit there and watch as a whole season? Hell no.”

According to Kristen, she couldn’t bare to watch a full season of Pump Rules because she’s admittedly “salty” about her June 2020 departure.

“I’m too salty. It hurts. I’m not mad about it. I’m not, it’s not all this anger anymore… [But] obviously, what I really hope is Vanderpump gets canceled, and we all have a brand new show together one day, and we go back to being one big happy family that fights,” Kristen declared.

After saying that “yes, definitely,” she’d return to reality television if given a chance, Kristen said she’s been triggered with feelings of FOMO since being fired from Pump Rules, especially when she sees her former castmates spending time with their families.

“I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the show, the canceling, the something. I’ve suddenly become this, ‘Why am I not included?’ Oh, because I don’t have a baby?” she shared.

As for her thoughts on one day becoming a mom, Kristen suspected she’ll be a helicopter parent.

“I wanna be the mom that’s like, ‘Let them fall. Let them experience it.’ But I literally feel like I’m gonna bubble wrap my entire house and just follow them around,” she laughed.

While starting a family may not be on the horizon for Kristen quite yet, she did recently embark on a new romance with Luke, the co-host of her new podcast, Sex, Love and What Else Matters.

“Luke’s great. Luke, you know, it just sort of fell into my lap after my last breakup. We became friends at my girlfriend’s wedding. We walked down the aisle together as bridesmaids/groomsmen,” she recalled. “I made Luke, essentially like my handler for the weekend. I’m like, ‘You’re groomsman, and you are going to just make sure that I have my sh-t together because I kind of don’t right now.’”

And quickly, things heated up between them.

“We had sex behind a tent, and it was great. On the ranch. He kissed me, and he’s like, ‘I didn’t think it would escalate that quickly,’” Kristen revealed.

But when it comes to putting a label on their relationship, Kristen confirmed the two of them hadn’t yet discussed the matter.

“It’s my choice, but we’re dating. He knows I’m not seeing anyone else, and I’m not going on dates with anyone else… [And] he’s fine with the fact that I haven’t been quite ready to say, ‘I’m checking the box, you are my boyfriend,’” she explained.

For now, Kristen and Luke are friends with benefits — and co-workers on her podcast, which she said is about “sex and love and relationships and dating.”

“It’s my favorite thing to talk about,” she noted. “I wrote my book, ‘He’s making you crazy,’ and I don’t want to be pigeonholed into that, ‘Oh hack your boyfriend’s phone,’ like I’m 39 now. I’m grown. However, I am still fascinated by the psychology behind why people make the decisions they make.”

As for the decision to welcome Luke as her co-host, Kristen said that after becoming friends with her new flame, who doesn’t live in California, their detailed reflections on their own relationships sparked the idea.

“I’m like, ‘I really need you on this podcast because I want to paint these scenarios that we’ve gone through separately, together, or other people have been through,'” she stated. “Because we share very similar points of view and morals and ethics, but we have very different opinions about some sh-t.”

Also, on the podcast, before admitting that if Tom hadn’t dumped her, she would’ve stayed in their “miserable” relationship “to the b-tter f-cking end, Kristen looked back on her time with Carter.

“With Carter, I was like, ‘This is my person forever, forever.’ And I stand by that. I think if Carter and I didn’t have the issues we had, which were all aired on the show, I think we could’ve been something really great,” she explained. “I still have a lot of love, a lot of respect for him. He’s in a happy relationship. [But] we’re friends.”