Vanderump Rules’ Kristen Doute on How Lala Kent Made Her Cry, Split From “Narcissist” Alex, Carter Rumors, and if She’s Dating, Plus Talks Freezing Eggs

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Vanderump Rules' Kristen Doute on How Lala Kent Made Her Cry, Split From "Narcissist" Alex, Carter Rumors, and if She's Dating, Plus Talks Freezing Eggs


Kristen Doute admitted to being hurt by her former co-star, Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent, while appearing on an episode of Scheana Shay‘s podcast on Friday.

Before opening up about her recent split from Alex Menache, dishing on her dating efforts, and sharing her thoughts on freezing her eggs, Kristen revealed that after seeing Lala name her as the person she’d least want to watch her one-year-old daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett, on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, she found herself inconsolable.

“I cried and cried. My feelings were so hurt. Also, I’m not even on Vanderpump, so like, leave me out of that. And why didn’t you say, like, I don’t know, James Kennedy or Tom Sandoval or Tom Schwartz?” Kristen wondered on the August 12 episode of Scheananigans.

Although Kristen clarified that she loves Lala, she admitted the shade was “eating away at [her].” So she sent her a text.

“She’s the worst texter, [but she] immediately wrote me back and was like, ‘Oh my God. I just thought it was funny cuz you’re just kind of that person that we make fun of,’” Kristen recalled.

And according to Scheana, she’s heard similar sentiments from Lala in the past.

“She’s done that with me as well,” Scheana replied. “We’ve had those conversations where she’s like, ‘It’s just because you’re just an easy target.’ But I’m so thankful now that her and I have gotten to a good place where now she has my back.”

Moving on to her split from Alex, Kristen admitted it “wasn’t easy.”

“He broke up with me seven months after I sold my house and moved into his. So that was really fun and great. So I’m back in an apartment, same neighborhood. So I feel very safe,” she revealed. “I just had to get out. So that’s what I did, and yeah, he’s a narcissist, I’ve learned. And now that I am, I’ve accepted that I’m like loving myself again, and I’m happy. We have zero communication, and I’m just having a hoe girl summer… Hot girl, but without all the tea.”

“I’m having great sex and make-outs… being in pajamas, that’s how they get to me. It’s not like I’m all dolled up and wearing high heels… and like dating men,” Kristen added.

As for not having communication with Alex, Kristen said that was “the best thing he could have done,” even though it didn’t feel good at the time.

“It hurt my feelings because I’m like, ‘Well, why are you pretending like this two and a half years like meant nothing to you?’ But I wouldn’t have been able to move on,” she admitted.

Immediately after her split, Kristen was blocked by Alex, which made it look like the two of them unfollowed one another. Then, because she wished her ex-boyfriend, Brian Carter, a happy birthday, like she does “every single year,” many felt that the two of them were getting back together, which wasn’t the case.

“Carter and I didn’t have a dirty breakup, and I’m really grateful for that. [And] we still have the same friend group,” she explained.

While Kristen and Alex’s relationship is no more, she once thought he was The One. In fact, she was considering a pregnancy.

“With my recent ex, who sucks, I was like, ‘Oh my God. This is it.’ I quit smoking six months ago, I did it for me, but it was really like with Alex, it was non-negotiable,” she revealed. “After talking to my doctor, I knew that I had to quit at least three months before I wanted to try to get pregnant. And I really thought that was the road that Alex and I were on… and so thank God we didn’t.”

Now that she’s single, Kristen is considering the idea of freezing her eggs to ensure she’ll be able to conceive in the future. Still, she does worry if she could handle the side effects of doing so, especially after seeing Scheana go through it.

“I was actually with a girlfriend yesterday who’s 38, and she just went through [IVF]. And she got like four, she has four on ice. And she’s 38. So I was like, okay, that made me feel a little bit better. So I’ll think about it,” Kristen told listeners.

When Scheana then asked Kristen what she wished had been seen on Pump Rules, she noted a past visit to the fertility doctor with Scheana before seemingly throwing some shade at their editors.

“The funny, like lighthearted moments, I feel like don’t get shown,” she admitted. “They’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s not really the story we’re looking for Kristen. But if you wanna do some tequila shots and fall in your face and cry in a bathroom…”

Kristen went on to suggest that prior to her exit from the show, she and Scheana were carrying the series.

“I remember my last season on Vanderpump Rules, everybody was like Scheana and Kristen carried that f-cking show on their back, and then your next season that I was not on who carried that season? Hmm,” she noted.

Also, during the interview, Kristen confirmed she’s joined the dating app Hinge.

“I’ve been on dates with two people, so that was fun, but it was very chill. Like dinner, grabbed drinks, like the other one, like went to his house. We’ve cooked dinner. That was cool,” she shared. “[And] I have a boy that lives out of town that I’ve been seeing pretty often that’s super fun.”

Kristen Doute starred on the first eight seasons of Vanderpump Rules.