Lala Kent On Why She Struggled to Watch Vanderpump Rules Last Season, Admits Fearing Show Would Be Canceled, Plus She Talks Not Being Able to Film Too Much With Their Babies

by Lindsay Cronin Comments
Lala Kent Admits She Was "Uninterested" in Vanderpump Rules Season Eight and Feared Show Would Be Canceled, Plus Talks Filming With Babies

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Lala Kent claims she and her Vanderpump Rules castmates are getting back to the roots of the Bravo reality series after things became a bit “muddy” during season eight.

During a podcast appearance this week, Lala admitted she was “very uninterested” in season eight before teasing season nine and explaining the strict rules in place for filming with the new babies of the show.

“We’re back to the roots of Vanderpump Rules. I think season eight, everything got a little bit muddy. It was like, ‘Who are these random people we’re supposed to be invested in?’” Lala recalled on the June 22 episode of The Morning Toast. “I was very uninterested in last season.”

According to Lala, she struggled to watch season eight of Pump Rules because she had no interest in what was going on in the lives of the new cast members.

“It was hard for me to get through an episode. I’m like, ‘Who is this person that’s dating so-and-so? I don’t care. What’s happening with Witches of WeHo? What’s going on with [Jax Taylor] and Tom Sandoval? I want to know,'” she explained.

“And this year,” she continued, “it’s very different. We’re back to the roots of the show and it’s deep-rooted issues that people have, it’s been crazy.”

Although Lala and her castmates ultimately began filming in May, there were plenty of questions raised regarding the series’ potential cancellation in the months leading up to the start of production for both fans and the cast members themselves.

“We were kind of in that same boat. I think we found out we were being picked up maybe the day before it was released to the public,” Lala shared. “We were in the dark so I was also worried. I’m like, ‘Can we even make a good television show?’ And day one, it was like, ‘Oh my gosh we can still make a great television show.’”

In addition to welcoming at least one newbie, the Pump Rules cast will be joined by two other, much smaller, participants for season nine. However, when it comes to Lala and Scheana Shay‘s daughters, Ocean and Summer, respectively, being seen on the show, there are strict rules in place.

“In the state of California you can only film a baby of my baby’s age and Scheana’s baby’s age for 20 minutes, and then they’ve got to go bye-bye. And they have to have a teacher and also a nurse on location. So if those people aren’t available, the babies can’t make an appearance at all,” Lala revealed, adding that she doesn’t know how much of the babies will be seen.

When the hosts of the show later asked Lala if she shares a bottle with her daughter, she revealed that after getting sober, she no longer needs a bottle because her anxiety struggles have come to an end. Plus, when it comes to Ocean’s milk, she doesn’t want to deprive her child of even one drop.

“I do not [share]… When she [has] a baba, I’m like, ‘This is liquid gold. I can’t take this from her.’ So now just the baby has the bottle,” she laughed.

Vanderpump Rules season nine premieres this fall on Bravo.