The Valley’s Brittany Cartwright Says She and Jax Taylor Had “Horrible Fight” Before Split and Claims He No Longer Wanted Sex, Plus She Considers Sperm Donor for Baby No. 2

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The Valley's Brittany Cartwright Says She and Jax Taylor Had "Horrible Fight" Before Split and Claims He No Longer Wanted Sex, Plus She Considers Sperm Donor for Baby No. 2

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Brittany Cartwright moved out of the $1.9 million home she previously shared with estranged husband Jax Taylor and into an Airbnb rental following a “horrible fight.”

In addition to sharing what would need to happen for her and Jax, 44, to get back together, the Vanderpump Rules alum, who is set to star alongside Jax in their new Pump Rules spinoff, The Valley, discussed Jax’s lack of a sex drive and admitted to considering the use of a sperm donor, like Lala Kent, 33, for her second child.

“I just packed up my stuff and left,” Brittany, 35, recalled to PEOPLE at last week’s The Valley premiere party. “At this point, Cruz is the most important thing, he’s all that matters. Other than that, like, I’m just trying to have fun and be happy right now for once.”

According to Brittany, she believes she and her two-year-old son Cruz, “[deserve] better.” So, when it comes to potentially making amends with Jax, he’s going to have to “make changes that he needs to make.”

“It’s been hard because a lot of people think our timing is weird because the show is coming out,” Brittany continued, denying claims of a PR stunt. “But I can’t control the freaking timing. I wish I could. If people have actually watched me and know my personality, they should understand this is not something I would do for a show. I am all about family, I’m all about marriage. I’ve been about that my entire life. This is something real that I really needed to step back from for a minute.”

In addition to their fight, Brittany said she and Jax faced challenges after he stopped being interested in sex.

“We’ve been together nine years, and people stop appreciating and take you for granted after some time — and that should never happen in a marriage,” Brittany told Page Six. “So that’s what I’m trying to get back, and if it doesn’t come back, then we won’t get back together.”

In the trailer for The Valley, Brittany is seen telling friend and co-star Janet Caperna that she doesn’t feel that Jax is “attracted” to her.

“We don’t have sex ever,” she says.

Although the dry spell had a negative impact on Brittany’s self-esteem, she ultimately began listening to her own voice.

“I think I just had to be like, ‘I’m hot as hell, and I’m not going to listen to this bullsh*t anymore,’” she explained.

Prior to their breakup, Brittany requested Jax do certain things to improve upon their marriage.

“I asked him to do little things — four little things — and … go to therapy was one of them. He hasn’t done that yet,” she shared. “So there’s little things that I’ve asked him to do. We’ll see if he does it all, but we’ll also see if it changes anything.”

Because Jax has “been burned by therapists” before, Brittany said he’s hesitant to return.

“I understand that, for sure. But there’s certain things that we could work on together,” she reasoned. “I’m not saying I’m perfect by any means, but I had to step out and take care of myself and my son … That’s what matters more than anything else in the whole wide world is him, obviously.”

While Brittany and Jax spoke about expanding their family before separating, Jax expressed concern about welcoming a second child in the trailer. And now, months after filming wrapped, Brittany is considering a sperm donor.

“That’s a whole ‘nother thing that you’ll see play throughout the season and a whole ‘nother reason why we are where we are now,” she teased of their familial dispute. “I would so go the Lala route if I needed to. I admire her for that. I want more kids; I want Cruz to have a sibling. I come from a family of five, so I’ve got three brothers and a sister, and I love that big family dynamic.”

“I don’t want a million kids, but I at least want one more child. I’m only 35, so I could still maybe meet somebody if it goes that route. I don’t know. I’m not saying it would. Maybe if me and Jax got back together, we could still have another one. If not, I’ll go the Lala route,” she continued.

The Valley season one premieres on Tuesday, March 19, on Bravo.