The Valley’s Kristen Doute Addresses Drama With Janet Caperna and Michelle Lally, Where She Stands With Scheana, & Jax’s Alleged New Girlfriend Paige, Plus If Brittany is Dating

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The Valley's Kristen Doute Addresses Drama With Janet Caperna and Michelle Lally, Where She Stands With Scheana, & Jax’s Alleged New Girlfriend Paige, Plus If Brittany is Dating

Credit: Felix Kunze/Bravo

Kristen Doute addressed her drama with Janet Caperna and Michelle Lally on The Valley, and she shared where she stands with former castmate Scheana Shay (who’s written several shady posts about Kristen in recent weeks). Kristen also discussed Jax Taylor’s alleged new girlfriend Paige Woolen, and she revealed if Brittany Cartwright – his estranged wife – is also dating amid the separation.

In the new spinoff, Kristen feuded with Janet over the allegation that Janet called Michelle racist. Kristen denied she made the allegation, though the story is hazy. Since that dispute, Janet stopped inviting Kristen to group events and has spoken negatively about her in several interviews.

On The Viall Files podcast, Kristen called Janet a “confusing little bird,” and she said they “have not spoken at all” – though Janet sat right next to her at the finale party and showed her pictures of her newborn baby.

At the time, Janet allegedly suggested that Kristen come over to her place at some point to “talk,” but she later did a podcast and claimed Kristen didn’t “want her baby to come to full term.”

After that interview, Kristen indicated that this ended their friendship, as she has no desire to bring “someone like that” back into her life, though she’ll film scenes with her for the show.

Kristen denied Janet’s claim and shared that she confronted her about it in the comments section on social media. She also hinted that Janet changed her personality while filming the show, becoming a “mean girl” and an “a**hole” who thought she was the “queen bee” – though Kristen wondered if this was Janet’s true character all along.

Concerning the finale, Kristen claimed Janet sat in the corner of Jax’s bar with her “little minions,” and she made it “impossible” for Kristen to “communicate” with her.

She then questioned if Janet was “studying” seasons one through three of Vanderpump Rules and judging Kristen on her past behavior rather than being “authentic.”

Regarding Michelle, Kristen claimed she “screen-recorded” her castmate’s suggestion that Kristen cheated on Luke (and all of her past boyfriends) before sending the recording to Luke.

She was surprised that Michelle never mentioned it in the finale, as Kristen wanted her to “square up” and show the supposed “receipts.” She claimed the only boyfriend she ever cheated on was Tom Sandoval.

Kristen also questioned Michelle’s recent public apology over her on-screen comment that Kristen shouldn’t be a mom. She wondered if Michelle only apologized because she “got so much s**t for it.” Kristen claimed Michelle never apologized one-on-one.

She then addressed Jax’s alleged new girlfriend Paige, who picked up him up for a lunch in front of paparazzi.

“I think she set it up [for publicity],” said Kristen, who revealed she recently “avoided” Paige “like the plague” after seeing her at Jax’s bar.

The star claimed Brittany is not dating anyone, but she is focused on raising her son – though she feels there will come a point in the future when Brittany is “comfortable enough” to date.

She thinks Brittany should “flirt” with people and get compliments so she can start building up her confidence. According to Kristen, Jax wouldn’t personally compliment Brittany on her looks even when she was “working out really, really hard,” though he would praise her publicly.

Concerning her status with Scheana, Kristen shared that they don’t have an “issue,” but they don’t “hang out.”

She said she doesn’t vibe with the events, the “glitz and the glam,” and the “look at me” aspects of Scheana and Lala Kent‘s lives.

Kristen believes both Lala and Scheana would jump at the opportunity to join The Valley, though a producer recently denied this is happening.