The Valley’s Janet Caperna Leaks Texts From Jax and Brittany After Kristen Denies Zack Was Kicked Out of Jax’s Bar, Plus Shares Zack’s Apology After Explosive Finale Fight and Calls Him “Trash”

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The Valley's Janet Caperna Leaks Texts From Jax and Brittany After Kristen Denies Zack Was Kicked Out of Jax's Bar, Plus Shares Zack's Apology After Explosive Finale Fight and Calls Him "Trash"

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Janet Caperna took to social media this week to leak a series of text messages proving Zack Wickham was kicked out of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright‘s bar on the night of The Valley‘s season one finale after Kristen Doute publicly denied that was the case.

Following the latest episode of Janet’s podcast with her husband Jason Caperna, 40, which featured Jason wondering if he went “too far” defending his wife against Zack, 35, suspecting it may have looked like bullying, Kristen, 41, accused Janet of spreading “bullsh*t,” which prompted a quick clap-back from Janet.

“I genuinely felt scared and all I wanted to do was run out of there and part of me kind of wishes that once I had that situation with Zack that I would’ve just left. I don’t think I had much more to add or do that night and I was in a horrible mood after that. I just didn’t want to be there anymore and part of me wishes I would’ve just been like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna excuse myself,'” Janet said on This Side of the Hill, via Cindy Cee on X, as she looked back on the finale.

Then, after Jason said it “wasn’t clear how aggressive Zack speaks to Janet,” Janet agreed he was in an aggressive place during filming.

“I think I call him trash and a loser, which normally, to be honest, I would regret. But in this instance, especially knowing what he did a couple hours later that led to Jax and Brittany having to physically kick him out of the bar and get him out of there, I can’t say I regret it. I do think he’s trash and a loser,” she stated.

But according to Kristen, Zack was never removed from Jax’s Studio City.

“Zack wasn’t physically kicked out (or removed from) the bar by anyone. This is bullsh*t. I, personally, called him an Uber (post filming) and he left with his/our friend Jacy,” Kristen stated in an Instagram comment shared by Bye Wig Hello Drama.

“[Janet], stop talking on podcasts. It’s exhausting,” she added.

The Valley Kristen Doute Denies Zack Was Kicked Out of Jax's Bar

Meanwhile, in response to Kristen’s denial, Janet shared a series of text messages sent between herself, Jax, and Brittany.

“Hey, the night of our finale filming for your bar soft opening, was Zack kicked out or did he just leave on his own?” Janet wrote in a text to Jax, 44.

“Kicked out,” Jax replied, adding, “I kicked him out last week [too].”

In a message sent from Brittany, 35, she asked Janet, “How are you feeling today? We ended up having Zack taken out of the bar last night … He was going nuts.”

The Valley Janet Caperna Leaks Texts From Jax and Brittany About Them Kicking Zack Out of Bar

In another leaked text from Janet, she shared the message she received from Zack in regard to his finale behavior.

“This is long over due but I want you to know I would have apologized for what I said right away but [names blurred out] said not to and I didn’t want to disrespect what they asked of me. Plus it was the end of your pregnancy and I thought it would be better for you to have that time to yourself,” he explained. “I also told them to tell [you] that I wanted to apologize and that I sincerely regret saying what I did. There is no world where what I said was ok and you also might not accept my apology which I understand but I wanted to still say that I shouldn’t have said those things.”

The Valley Janet Caperna Leaks Text From Zack Apologizing

The Valley season two is expected to begin filming sometime later this year.