RHODubai Recap: Brooks Goes Off on Stanbury Over Comment About Taleen, and Opens Up About Her Mental Health After Divorce, Plus Chanel Makes Amends With Sara and Launches a Beauty Line

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RHODubai Recap: Brooks Goes Off on Stanbury Over Comment About Taleen, and Opens Up About Her Mental Health After Divorce, Plus Chanel Makes Amends With Sara and Launches a Beauty Line

Caroline Brooks is busy trying to fight a fight that doesn’t need to be fought by her on this episode of the Real Housewives of Dubai. Maybe if Taleen was offended by Stanbury‘s “topple over” comment, Brooks’ behavior would be warranted. Blame it on the stress, but Brooks is doing the most. Stanbury is perplexed by the anger Brooks has with her, but she is happy to see that she is getting closer to Ayan. Speaking of Ayan, her new business is ready to launch, and she makes amends with Sara after feeling betrayed by her.

Taleen is hosting the ladies, but not before getting the kids — and her husband — out the door. Having two kids under four is chaotic, and it doesn’t help that her hubby, Raffi, acts like her third child. Sara is the first one to arrive, and she bonds with Raffi over being long-time residents in Dubai. Taleen lives on the Palm, a snazzy pond that her husband helped build. Sara is not impressed, as she doesn’t want to live there since many expats settle there (…and???).

Taleen questions Sara about her type, and she is prepping to set her up with some kind of spiritual guy.  Eventually, Brooks strolls in casually late, as always, and although she is losing her voice, she sure has a lot to say. Brooks is still seething over Stanbury commenting on Taleen falling over at the concert, but Taleen just laughs it off. Taleen feels like Sara was ambushed by Ayan the night before, and Brooks refers to Ayan as “Jekyll and Hyde.” Sarah realizes that what she said about Ayan could come across as bad, and she tries to clarify what she meant when she said Ayan “victimized” herself.

In the meantime, Stanbury meets up with Ayan and Lesa — an odd trio, to say the least. The group reflects on the night before, and Ayan likens Taleen to a bird screeching the entire time. When it comes to the Sara situation, Ayan states she is not playing victim, but rather she is a survivor. In her confessional, Ayan tearfully talks about how she wants to just be happy since she had such a traumatic childhood, and so she wants to settle this beef with Sara.

When it comes to the comments about Taleen “toppling over” and Sergio seeing her privates, Brooks calls Stanbury a hypocrite since she has seen her after a long night out, and she is not quite a saint. Lesa is used to Caroline Brooks twisting things, so she advises Taleen to “tread lightly.” Stanbury feels like Taleen can either choose to accept how she meant it or not, but she does not want this to turn into a bigger deal. If she only knew how this episode ends…

Ayan and her husband, Chris, arrive to check out the progress of Ayan Beauty, Ayan’s new line. Ayan talks about how she wants to help girls like her, so many of her models are Somali. Chris goes over the forecasts with Ayan and her business partner, and it sounds like he is speaking gibberish. Ayan blames her zoning out on the issues she has been having with Sara. Ayan cares for people and likens herself to a “prophet,” so this whole issue with Sara is really eating at her. She decides that she will write Sara a letter to express herself and also invite her out so they can settle their problems.

Lesa and her family sit down for some dinner, and they chat about Lesa’s mom coming to visit. Lesa explains that the plan is to get her mother to stay in Dubai since Lesa has been here for 10 years and her mom misses her like crazy. Lesa laments the lack of family support in Dubai, and so her husband is a champion for trying to get her mother to move here.

Ayan and Sara get together to discuss the infamous brunch. Ayan admits that she had said some things she should not have in front of the group, and then she proceeds to read a letter to Sara. Sara is touched by this gesture and apologizes for upsetting Ayan. Sara even brings Ayan a gift: A small angel figurine to remind Ayan that any time she feels like her culture and her people try to take her down, the angel is there to let her know who she is. It’s a small token that means the world. Sara regrets saying what she said, and she would have much rather been there for her as Ayan struggled through her hard times.

Sara suggests that if Ayan ever hears anything about her, she should come directly to her in the future. Ayan gets a chance to talk about what went down with Brooks, and she doesn’t like the direction things are going.

Speaking of Brooks, life at Glass House is non-stop. Between scheduling issues and things breaking, Brooks is overwhelmed. Taleen and her daughter pay a visit to the spa, and Brooks talks about how calm she is now that’s she divorced. She admits that Sara and her healing sessions have been really helpful, and Taleen talks about her small, upcoming gathering. Stanbury will be invited, which causes Brooks to roll her eyes, but Taleen is trying to move past things since she doesn’t hold grudges.

Taleen claims that she throws the most “epic parties in Dubai” with her husband, and tonight should be no different. About 20 people will be in attendance, but Lesa will be absent as she is picking her mom up from the airport.

Caroline’s life is a disaster as she awaits the finalization of her new home build with Sergio. Caroline is hopeful that she is about a week out from the big move, and her friend Michael has got to be getting tired of being a hotel for those newlyweds. In other news, Sergio thinks it’s strange that Caroline would be going on a trip with her ex-husband to America for seven days so her daughter can tour some colleges. He is beyond jealous (of this romantic getaway?), but Caroline is trying to show him that this is nothing to cry about.

Taleen’s dinner party is underway, and her parents arrive so they can meet the crew of ladies. Sara and Brooks roll up, followed by Ayan, rocking a Whitney Houston “Body Guard” lewk. When Stanbury enters, Brooks beelines out of the way so she can avoid saying hi to her. Remember, Brooks is mad at Stanbury for talking about Taleen showing her privates after falling down at a concert… even though Taleen is not mad at Stanbury.  Make it make sense.

Brooks calls Taleen the United Nations since she wants to try and get everyone together, and in front of Sergio, Brooks says, “Taleen, I hope you waxed your vagina this time.” It seems like Brooks has been drinking more to cope with the stress from work, but it’s not a good look for her.

Stanbury confides in Ayan that things with Brooks have been weird. She doesn’t like that what’s going on with Brooks is starting to affect her potential new friendship with Taleen. It is clear that Brooks dumped Stanbury, but the silver lining is that she is now bonding with Ayan.

Taleen attempts to play matchmaker for Sara with one of Raffi’s friends and it is… awkward. Sara is not into it at all. She watches as Brooks and Stanbury hold a conversation over some shots, and she would much rather be in the middle of that drama than trying to get set up. Brooks talks about how Stanbury has been “nasty” to her, and Sara is tired of being the messenger. She finally sits Brooks and Stanbury down to talk it out.

Brooks admits that she has been upset with Stanbury, and when Stanbury claims that Brooks told Taleen she doesn’t like her, Brooks drags Taleen into the mix to confirm or deny this statement. Taleen cannot handle all the tension over her vagina and is ready to drop it all.  However, Brooks is busy fighting the fight that never needs to be fought.

Brooks claims she likes to hit things straight on, and Taleen states that Brooks is loyal to a fault. It seems like Brooks is reaching over this comment that was meant to be funny. Stanbury can’t even have a conversation with Brooks at his point since she is “on one” and looks like “Jabba the Hutt,” so she walks away. Taleen admits that things might be heightened with Brooks, maybe due to the stress, but anyway you cut it, Brooks is looking pretty silly dragging this fight out…

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