Scheana Shay Shares New Details on Carl Radke & Lindsay Split as She Claims Carl Didn’t Reach Out to Production to Film Breakup, Talks “Group Chat” Between Summer House Exes

by Adam Ragsdale Comments
Scheana Shay Claims Carl Radke Didn’t Reach Out to Production to Film Breakup, but There Was “Group Chat” between Lindsay, Carl and Production about “Film[ing] Something Else” after Season Wrapped

Credit: Instagram

Scheana Shay claims her friend Carl Radke didn’t reach out to production to film his breakup with ex-fiancée Lindsay Hubbard, but production contacted him asking for an update on where the couple stood. Scheana also revealed there was a “group chat” between Lindsay, Carl, and production before the split was recorded, as production wanted to “film something else.”

During the current season of Summer House, Lindsay and Carl fought continuously as they prepared for their upcoming wedding. But following their split – which was captured by Bravo cameras – Lindsay claimed Carl called producers to have cameras ready for it. She also alleged she was ‘blindsided’ by his decision to call off the wedding, though Carl denied this as well.

On her Scheananigans podcast, Scheana shared that Carl didn’t reach out to production to film the breakup.

“My understanding [is] there was a check in from production, like ‘how are things going since we wrapped?’ And Carl said like ‘not great’ or whatever,” said Scheana, via @breakingtherulespod on Instagram. “There was then a group chat between Carl, Lindsay and production like ‘We’re gonna film something else.'”

“So I don’t think it was [that] he called the cameras. It was just when they checked in with them, it was like, ‘No, things aren’t good and like I don’t know what to do.’ And like, ‘maybe we just need to continue the story a little longer,'” she explained.

Though Scheana admitted that she doesn’t know “Lindsay’s side” of the story, she’s certain there was “a group chat between” the couple and a producer.

According to Scheana, it would have “piss[ed] off production” if Carl had postponed the wedding three days after filming wrapped without having been honest with them about where he stood with Lindsay.

“You need resolution obviously when there’s a season finale,” said Scheana, who emphasized that she knows what it’s like to get married on “national television.” She claimed that, when she split with her own husband Mike Shay, she went into the conversation thinking they would resolve it – before she realized in the moment that he was “lying to my face.”