Lindsay Hubbard Shares How Much She Lost on Canceled Wedding, Last Time She Spoke to Carl and His “Unforgivable” Behavior, Plus Getting “Serious” With New Boyfriend, and Skipping Gabby’s Birthday

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Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard on How Much She Lost on Cancelled Wedding, When They Last Spoke, and His "Unforgivable" Behavior, Plus Getting "Serious" With New Boyfriend, and Skipping Gabby's Birthday

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Lindsay Hubbard spoke out about her messy split from Carl Radke on a podcast on Tuesday, revealing how much she lost when he suddenly called off their wedding last summer.

After fans watched the moments leading up to their breakup on Summer House, Lindsay, 37, admitted that lawyers got involved in the fallout from her and Carl’s split as she shared when they last spoke, slammed him for breaking up with her on-camera, and addressed recent headlines involving Gabby Prescod, 33, and Danielle Olivera, 35.

“If you’re in the public eye, you have a conversation between the two of you, and then the two of you figure out how to unravel it publicly together. You create a joint statement that you release as a team. You figure out what you’re gonna do about the wedding expenses that you’ve already paid, the deposits, the apartment,” Lindsay shared on the June 4 episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat after being asked what Carl should’ve done differently when it came to ending their engagement. “At least just give me a heads-up. Like, have a conversation with me and then be like, look, we’re gonna have to do this on camera but out of respect for our eight years of friendship, I wanted to tell you before making this super public, like have any semblance of respect.”

After Carl, 39, decided to call off his and Lindsay’s wedding — on camera nonetheless — Lindsay refused to help him figure anything out regarding the fallout, telling him, “You canceled this. Put your big boy pants on and figure it out yourself.”

She then texted her wedding planners and told them to communicate only with Carl.

“I lost $25,000 to $30,000 in wedding deposits before the cancellation,” she shared. “He had to pay a lot of cancellation fees, especially since he waited so long … the longer you wait with the hotel and the rooms, the less money you get back if you cancel the wedding. Once you’re 90 days out, you’re responsible for 50% of the rooms.”

According to Lindsay, she would’ve liked Carl to pay her back for the tens of thousands of dollars she lost.

“There was a lot of lawyer discussions,” she confirmed, adding that she and Carl last spoke “at the reunion” and “avoid each other” during events with their mutual friends.

As Summer House fans may have seen, Lindsay and Carl recently attended a wedding in Portugal for a couple of shared friends.

“Weddings, they’re not intimate settings. And these are all our mutual friends. He’s just another guy in the room,” Lindsay clarified.

While Lindsay was understandably devastated by her split from Carl, she admitted that how he went about it made it easier for her to move on.

“I think the way it all happened for me is pretty unforgivable. I pretty quickly came to the conclusion that this was the best decision that could’ve been made for me and that came probably within the first month,” she revealed. “I realized how many red flags and blinders I had on. It’s easy to turn off emotions when it’s this level of betrayal. The way he did it, I don’t think I will ever forget. I just think that is the most disrespectful thing. I get it. We film a TV show. We put our lives on TV, but I thought our relationship was beyond TV. I didn’t think it was just for show.“

Although Lindsay confessed to missing her friendship with Carl at first, she ultimately realized he was not who she thought he was.

“I went from being like, ‘I feel like I know Carl better than he knows himself,’ to like, ‘Do I even know this guy,’ because this is behavior that is scary, for someone to be capable of doing something like that,” she reasoned.

Following her and Carl’s split last August, Lindsay began dating.

“I started dating … probably in like November,” she confirmed, noting, “I’m not gonna sit on my couch at 37. I’ve gotta keep it moving. I really just spent the first two full months just with my head down feeling every emotion there was to feel, really like working through the healing process, and then after that, just being like, ‘I’m putting myself out there.’ I started going on trips. I started going to Nashville … I was like ‘Give me a real f*cking man.’”

Looking back, Lindsay said she “fooled around with a couple of cowboys” before rekindling a past romance she had with a man she dated briefly in 2020.

“It’s getting pretty serious. We’ve been dating since January. He’s incredible. He’s two years younger than me. I love it. He keeps me young,” she gushed.

As for whether she’ll share her boyfriend with Summer House viewers, Lindsay was unsure.

“I don’t know. Look where that’s gotten me the last eight years of my life … Maybe I’ll pull a [Paige DeSorbo] and kind of keep it at arm’s length,” she posed.

Speaking of Lindsay’s new boyfriend, he’s actually the reason behind her absence from Gabby’s birthday, which Carl attended, last month.

“I had plans for months to meet my man’s parents because they, for months now, have been planning to come to town. Gabby sent out her birthday invites three days ahead of time so I told her immediately, ‘Hey I’d love to come, but I am meeting the parents and this has been in the books for months,’” she explained. “I love Gabby. We hang out all the time. I actually hang out with her more than anyone.”

She’s also grown close to Ariana Madix, 38, who went through her own controversial split in 2023.

“I saw Ariana at BravoCon in November, which was like two months after my breakup and once she saw me, she gave me a big hug and I think it was an unspoken understanding between the two of us, that was sort of that sentiment — dodging bullets and being better for it,” she revealed. “I love Ariana. I was just at lunch with her and [Katie Maloney] a couple of weeks ago too.”

Moving on to Danielle and hearing that Paige and Amanda Batula, 32, had grown to understand her past frustrations with her, Lindsay admitted her co-star has a tendency to get caught up in the moment, especially when she’s drinking.

“She’s less focused on other people’s feelings around her and is just a little bit more direct, whether you want her to be or not,” Lindsay shared. “I think in regards to Amanda and Paige saying they understand where it was coming from now from last summer, that’s great. I wish that they gave me any opportunities to try and see my side at that point. They were so unwilling to see my side last summer and last season. Of course, validation is always nice to hear, and you gotta take it whenever and however you can get it.”

Looking back on her failed relationship with Carl, Lindsay admitted that Summer House put pressure on their romance.

“We feel a lot of pressure as it is in relationships .. and I think in some cases, it’s maybe helpful like it was probably helpful that this reality show saved me from a lot of heartache and a hard, tough road ahead, but I think in other situations, it’s the downfall,” she suspected.

As for season nine, Lindsay said she hasn’t heard anything yet.

“We don’t know,” she stated.