Carl Radke on Biggest Reason for Calling Off Wedding, Lindsay Claiming to Be “Blindsided,” and If He Regrets Doing it on Camera, Plus Lindsay’s IG Apology, Asking for Ring Back, Dating, and Status With Danielle

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Carl Radke on Biggest Reason for Calling Off Wedding, Lindsay Claiming to Be "Blindsided," and If He Regrets Doing it on Camera, Plus Lindsay's IG Apology, Asking for Ring Back, Dating, and Status With Danielle

Credit: Instagram/Carl Radke/Lindsay Hubbard

Carl Radke appeared on Thursday night’s Watch What Happens Live, where he opened up about the months leading up to his messy split from former fiancee Lindsay Hubbard.

While also reacting to the Instagram apology Lindsay, 37, shared after accusing him of drug use on Summer House, revealing if he’s dating, and offering an update on where he stands with Danielle Olivera, 35, after she proclaimed she’s “Team Lindsay,” Carl, 39, suggested Lindsay aimed to hurt him amid filming and responded to her ongoing claims that she was “blindsided” by their breakup.

“I wanted to try and work through some of these situations,” Carl said on the March 14 episode of WWHL after being asked if there were more signs than Lindsay’s drug claims that he should end their relationship. “I think a lot of what she was accusing me of had nothing to do with my sobriety, more of her trying to hurt me. So I’m proud of where I’m at with my sobriety, but I think there were other situations that had nothing to do with drinking or drug use. It was just foundational things that we were not on the same page with.”

When Andy Cohen, 55, wondered what Carl meant by suggesting Lindsay was trying to hurt him, Carl explained, “I think she was upset, and she gets emotional and sometimes she can lash out, unfortunately.”

Although Lindsay has repeatedly claimed she was “blindsided” when Carl ended their relationship last August, Carl said fans will learn more as season eight continues.

“You guys are seeing it first hand. I think you’re gonna watch the rest of the season. The reality I was living in, we had some serious things that needed to be addressed, and she didn’t believe that, so it’s a tough situation all around,” he noted.

Since their breakup, Carl has come under fire for breaking up with Lindsay on camera. But looking back, he confirmed he has no regrets about the end of their years-long romance.

“I don’t regret anything about the way it went down. I actually think it was the best decision for the both of us to not move forward with the wedding,” he stated.

As for the number one reason for calling off the wedding, Carl offered a lengthy response.

“A wedding is to celebrate your relationship, and there were foundational things that were not stable to move forward with a lifetime of marriage. I didn’t believe in that. I believe in having a stable relationship before you celebrate a wedding and we were not in that position, I believe, to move forward with the wedding,” he explained.

According to Carl, his search for himself and a stable career may have had an impact on his and Lindsay’s relationship.

“Career and finances are always a part of relationship dynamics. For me, yeah, I was in kind of a transitionary point,” he admitted. “I’m in a position now where I am going after those things that she was concerned about in the career track. I got a lot going on for me with my career, so I’m pretty excited about that, and I’m kind of free from some of the things she was holding me back from.”

Although Carl has had a lot to say about Lindsay’s behavior and role in their breakup in recent months, he doesn’t put the blame on her for their breakup.

“I think we’re both equally responsible for our role in it,” he stated.

Looking back at the apology Lindsay offered on her Instagram Story after she suggested he may have relapsed on Summer House, Carl, after noting that he’s “blocked” by his ex, described their situation as “very difficult.”

“I’m proud that I’m three years sober from alcohol and cocaine and several other substances,” he declared. “It’s unfortunate to kind of have to relive it all, but I’m just trying to offer grace and compassion because we’ve all said some crazy things, but I know in my heart of hearts I’m really proud of where I’ve been and how I’m living my life, and I’m continuing to grow and trying to become a better version of myself.”

Over six months after calling off his November wedding to Lindsay, Carl is not yet dating.

“I haven’t started yet,” he shared. “For me, watching myself in a relationship, it’s kind of confusing and hard to separate that from right now, but I’m hoping the next few months to get out there. I’m just taking time for myself right now for the sake of my career and my family.”

Regarding where he stands with Danielle, Carl said that they’ve interacted “a few times” recently, and he noted they are “very cordial.”

“I understand her stance, just trying to move forward with respect, and maybe we can come together in a bigger way maybe this coming summer, but right now, I’m just trying to be cordial and move on with my life,” he stated.

In addition to Lindsay venting about her concerns about Carl’s potential use of substances, she also seemingly doubled down in confessionals.

“The whole three or four episodes thus far, it’s been hard to watch and relive,” Carl said of the speculation. “I’m picking up on things that I wasn’t privy to up until recently, so I think it’s for me, deep down, it’s just a reminder that I made the right decision.”

When Andy then noted that Lindsay could have been signaling to his marijuana use, Carl clarified that he was not using THC at the time.

“I have a sponsor who I’m very open with about my THC usage. I have a lot of people I’ve been very open with that about,” he explained. “The drugs that were killing me were alcohol, cocaine, Ambien, Xanax, Adderall, ecstasy, Molly, and I’ve removed all of those from my life and I’m very proud of that.”

During last week’s WWHL, Lindsay revealed Carl “demanded” her engagement ring back after their breakup. But in his defense, Carl said that that’s how it works in their home state.

“It’s New York State law,” he revealed. “It’s my property and I wrote her an email one-on-one and asked for the ring back. It’s the law in New York state, if I purchase the ring, and it’s given to the condition of an engagement, we did not move forward with the wedding. The ring is then returned to me. And that’s just the law so I was following the law.”

Also on the live broadcast, Carl reacted to Lindsay suggesting his demons frequently came out on her.

“I think we all have our demons. I’m a human being. I have my emotions and maybe what you’re watching is me [being] emotional. I’m kind of upset and struggling with how to navigate it but I’m a pretty calm person for the most part,” he insisted.

Later, on the WWHL: After Show, Carl responded to a virtual fan who asked him how it felt to be continuing to pay rent on the $13,000 per month New York City apartment he shared with Lindsay before their split.

“It’s a difficult situation. Breakups are hard and we have a lease that is not up until June,” he replied. “We’re both on the lease and I’ve been trying to resolve it and try to find a solution, which would be to sublet it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to resolve that so I’m paying half the rent and it’s be over in June. I’m trying to just accept and move on.”

With the Summer House season eight reunion looming, Carl said that while some might expect him to be dreading the taping, he’s actually looking forward to it.

“They’re my friends and I had a decent amount of fun last summer; the things that were challenging were between me and [Lindsay],” he explained. “But I’m looking forward to seeing everybody and talking about it all and airing it all out like we always do.”

Carl then addressed fellow guest Trishelle Cannatella‘s concerns about why his split from Lindsay played out for the cameras.

“When walking into that conversation my goal was not to end the relationship. We were trying to get on the same page,” he clarified. “We continued to have these ruptures and these things that I think needed to be addressed, and as the summer continued down that path, I was trying to address it, and in that conversation, addressing it, ultimately led to, we should probably not move forward with the wedding.”

Summer House season eight airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.